MapR launches new marketing solution driven by machine learning

MapR Technologies, a provider of Converged Data Platform, has announced the immediate availability of the MapR Customer 360 Quick Start Solution, a new software package that uses real-time analytics to bring real-time data to a point of sale, social interaction or ecommerce site. The solution is powered by the MapR Converged Data Platform, that enables applying analytical insights to operational processes. According to the California-based company, with this new solution, marketing organizations can engage with its data scientists to deploy the Converged Data Platform on their road to digital transformation. “In the C-Suite, CMOs may have the most to gain and the most to offer by adopting real-time Customer 360 use cases,” said Dave Jespersen, Senior Vice President, MapR Technologies.
“Digital marketers now have enormously powerful tools with which to understand and adjust to how customer and markets evolve and this Quick Start Solution puts them on the fast track for realizing the benefits,” Jespersen added.
MapR explains that predictive and accurate customer analytics stem from richer data sets (e.g. social, credit, behavioral) and machine learning models. Marketers are getting a clearer vision of what a data-driven marketing organization must support such as sales and marketing operations, content and ad targeting, and voice-of-the-customer.

Capabilities of MapR Customer 360 Quick Start Solution (QSS)

The company claims that the core of the Customer 360 QSS is to plan and execute machine learning models to address key digital marketing imperatives for the CMO. Use cases include customer upsell and cross sell, micro segmentation, call center analytics, and content targeting recommendation engine. As part of the QSS, MapR Professional Services further aim to provide discovery and planning (1 Week), and development and project execution (5 Weeks). The execution phase includes curation of data sources, machine-learning iterations (features, modeling, metrics), knowledge transfer to customer to maintain / implement solution, and continuous training and consultation about tools and use case roadmap.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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