Medi Assist brings 'cashless' payments with MediBuddy Infiniti

The Medi Assist Group, a managed healthcare organization, has launched MediBuddy Infiniti, an integrated online platform for discovery, scheduling and management of curated outpatient services. According to the organization, Infiniti brings together about 10,000 hospitals, diagnostics centres, medical clinics and authorized pharmacy partners in the Medi Assist Network to provide a one-stop online platform for personalised outpatient services.
Prashant Jhaveri, Chief Business Officer, Medi Assist said, “Seamless access to quality healthcare through the illness-to-wellness continuum at affordable prices is the need of the hour. We aim to leverage technology, partnerships and the magic of the human touch to deliver informed healthcare decisions to our members.”

Providing integrated pocket-friendly services

The healthcare company holds that outpatient care is a recurring, and expensive, need for every family. A recent report by FICCI released in December 2015 suggests that primary healthcare accounts for over 70% of all medical spend and pegs the market at around INR 135,000 crores ($2.2 billion approx). The per capita spend of urban households on outpatient care is approximately INR 4,250 ($63 approx) per person – a typical urban family of four adults, therefore, spends an average of INR 17,000 ($255 approx) per month on doctor consults, medicines and diagnostic labs. With Infiniti, Medi Assist claims that its members will be able to discover, compare and schedule outpatient services of their choice, with a specialist doctor at their preferred network provider, at preferential pricing, on one comprehensive online platform. Speaking about the latest offering, Satish Gidugu, COO, Medi Assist, said, “What differentiates MediBuddy Infiniti in the market is our curated network of hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centres.”
“On Infiniti, you will find services offered by partner providers and specialist doctors that Medi Assist members have historically preferred and trusted for their medical needs. Our focus is on showcasing trusted providers rather than merely maximizing the number of listings.”

A shift to cashless payment

MediBuddy Infiniti also contains an exhaustive listing of OPD services including preventive care packages, health checks for chronic condition management, doctor consults and second opinion services, home healthcare, doorstep pharmacy, and other services such as genome mapping and instant doctor connect. Currently covering over 45 cities, the company states that Infiniti will grow both in depth of catalog as well as reach across the country in the months to come. Medi Assist believes that its inherent strength is its ability to help members reduce overall spend and convert their transactions into a cashless format. It claims that over 50% of all inpatient claims administered are availed by their members in the cashless format.
“Having worked relentlessly with our partners to simplify access and delivery of inpatient care in a cashless format, it is now time to move outpatient benefits into the cashless realm in a much bigger way. While the discounts offered by our partner providers reduce cost of care, these services can become completely cashless if the OPD expenses are covered under a health insurance policy or a sponsored corporate wellness program administered by Medi Assist,” Gidugu explained.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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