Meemim's collaborative platform beta to help SMBs organize data

Toronto-based startup Meemim, that aims to provide a platform for companies to organize information internally, has launched a new public beta of its collaboration platform that focuses on teams and SMBs. The software, reportedly uses innovative image-based search that could potentially aid finding information fast and easy. However, the Meemim team and platform experienced a brief downtime with server congestion when more than 500 companies signed up, in apparently less than 24 hours. While the main application remained operable for existing clients, the sign-up volume was more than the on-boarding engine could handle, according to the company. Alec Pestov, Co-Founder and CEO of Meemim, said: “The response was amazing and very gratifying. We forecasted 100-150 new company sign-ups in the first week. We had to scramble a bit to handle quadruple that amount in less than 24 hours.”
Luckily, the flexibility of Microsoft Azure allowed us to quickly add resources and cope with the unexpected workload once we realized we had set our targets too low. We were able to make adjustments on the fly and maintain the momentum. We did go through a brief outage, but on the other hand this was a good learning experience for the upcoming roll out of the global multilingual version of the system.

How does Meemim work?

It offers SMBs, tools to create connections to existing and new content for a team or department within an organization. It also enables “crowd-sourcing” and re-purposing of the existing documentation to create custom information packages. In Meemim, images are connected to content to improve document identification while another tool prioritizes the presentation of search results and displays a matrix of pictures (storyboards) that lets the user zoom in to their area of interest. It also claims easy sharing with a connected environment of storyboards where ideas are organized into common themes. It then allows users visualize information and data in making ‘stories’ which can accommodate images, videos and attachments. In doing so, Meemim hopes to solve information fragmentation by connecting data resources like Intranets, Content Management Systems, Cloud Storage, Wikis, into one searchable, well organized user interface. Amongst other basic features, Meeemim also facilitates solutions including Customer Portal Software, Documentation management for Projects, Employee Self-Service Portal Software and HR portal Software. In a company blog, Pestov continued to say, “Because Meemim is open and cross-platform, accessing and organizing existing information sources such as Wikis, Intranets and 3rd-party services such as Box and DropBox is actually enhanced.” Marian Bukal, Co-Founder and CTO, Meemim, also echoed the same concerns, he stated:
There’s no way you can keep track of the latest release of a document via email, not only do multiple copies exist, but finding the most current version is inevitably a time-waster. Better to look at the individual’s distributed community and create an interface that reflected those natural connections and the most current instances of shared information.
Meemim states that the collaboration platform is now free and available for small groups or project teams and can be customized according to enterprise requirements for SMBs. It also vouches to serve its web portal solution to companies like DVI Lighting, M.I.F Projects and 3B Research and Consulting.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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