4 mistakes that can ruin your website launch

We don’t need to explain to you the benefits of having a website. But one thing that is often overlooked is your website launch, which is all about exposure, visibility and providing access to a wider audience. Having the raw technical abilities alone however is simply not enough to guarantee a site’s success. While some problems cannot be controlled, a major problem with newly launched sites falls down to silly mistakes and bad practices. Website builder Webeden are at hand to share four common mistakes that can destroy your website launch.

Neglecting your Browser Checking

Failure to check your website to see if it works on the various browsers out there is one of the common issues that occur for newly launched websites. As users preferences differ, you need to make sure your products and services vary. This couldn’t be any truer when it comes to website browsers. As of November 2016, 8.8% used Internet Explorer, 13.49% used Firefox, and 59.05% used Google Chrome. It doesn’t matter if you prefer Chrome over Firefox, the entire point is to make your website usable and accessible to every user. The solution is simple: You need to cross-browser check to ensure that your site is operational and compatible. Lunascape, CrossBrowserTesting and BrowserShots are a few great tools that you can use to test your site’s compatibility.

Neglecting SEO

Good quality SEO may sound like the dark arts to developers, but it is something that is essential to the success of your website launch. It’s simply a great investment that will help visitors find you. If terms like ‘meta data’ or ‘keyword density’ mean nothing to you, it’s time to hire someone who knows what they are doing. SEO consultants are like builders – a mixture of cowboys and highly skilled ones. The latter are the ones you want to keep hold of. If you are taking the reigns of your own SEO spend some time researching things such as what keywords you want to target, for both a targeted and broad spectrum. There are plenty of keyword tools, However the most popular will always be Google Adwords.

Poor content

One of the most common ways to derail your site launch is through producing poor content. Even some of the most established sites have fallen victim to this classic error. While the excitement from the technical challenges vastly outweigh the excitement of proofreading content for the website, failing to proof can make a huge difference to the reception of your website. There is also the issue of trying to cut back on costs. This can diminish the quality of the overall website with low quality photos and graphics. No matter how amazing your service or product is, your visitors will ultimately find it tough to look past your graphical and grammatical mistakes.

Launching your website on a Friday

Picking a launch date is often based on whim, but there should always be some timing strategy behind the decision. Practically every website discovers new bugs post launch, or things don’t work out exactly how you want it. That’s just how it is when your website goes live. You will often experience visitors interacting with your website in new ways and finding glitches you didn’t even know were there. For this reason, never launch your website on a Friday! Unless you have a 24/7 production team, launching on a Friday will limit your ability to make quick fixes. There is a high possibility that you will return back to your desk on Monday with your email inbox full of problems to solve. Views are of the author, and Techseen may not necessarily subscribe to them

Rachel Campbell

Rachel Campbell is a copywriter for <a href="https://webeden.co.uk/">WebEden</a>, a website builder that allows you to to create a website in minutes<!--more-->Rachel Campbell is a copywriter for <a

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