Mixpanel launches Autotrack that collects action on a customer's website

Mobile and web analytics company Mixpanel has launched Autotrack, a new feature that automatically collects every action on a customer’s website and allows customers to easily access that data. With a simple Point & Click Editor and full access to historical data, Autotrack is designed to ease up the implementation of analytics solution for customers and focus on making data-driven decisions. Mixpanel explains that traditionally, companies have needed to plan out their entire analytics strategy up front and allocate a developer to manually write code for every action they want to track. But with the new solution, an employee with no technical background can also implement and find meaningful insights from a given data. “Our goal is to help all business leaders make better decisions based on their data,” said Suhail Doshi, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mixpanel.
“We created Autotrack to drastically simplify the analytics implementation process and alleviate the fear of not tracking the ‘right’ data from the onset. We are committed to constantly improving our products to be the most powerful and accessible data analytics solution on the market.”

Challenges faced by customers when planning and implementing analytics strategy

According to Mixpanel, the most challenging part of integrating analytics is the implementation process. Also, for product managers and marketers working for large enterprises, technical updates can be slow and technical resources are scarce. This, the company explains, has created friction and fear when implementing analytics. “Our new feature, Autotrack, automatically collects every action on a customer’s website and allows any user choose which actions they would like to track,” explained Tim Trefren, Co-founder and VP of Customer Success, Mixpanel.

How does Autotrack simplify the analytics implementation for customers?

Mixpanel claims that it has an edge over its competitors as it helps companies integrate data tracking in a few days instead of several months. With Autotrack, the company plans to takes this a step forward, by alleviating friction and allowing data strategy to be flexible. A company using Autotrack needs to ship code once and from there it is all configurable. This means you can update your data tracking and have it immediately go live. Hence, customers can add Autotrack to their website and Mixpanel will set the company on track to becoming data driven. Using the Point & Click Editor, the required data can be made immediately available throughout the core Mixpanel reports.
“Autotrack also benefits from the full power of Mixpanel, allowing users to get extremely deep insights. While there are other analytics solutions on the market that offer individual features, Mixpanel, with the addition of Autotrack, is the most robust analytics platform available today,” said Trefren.
Autotrack for web is now available to existing and new customers. Charges are based on only the data customers use, and not all the data Mixpanel is collecting on their behalf.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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