myDevices announces app for development of IoT projects on Raspberry Pi

Internet of Things (IoT) middleware applications developer myDevices (Avanquest North America Inc.) announced the release of the first drag-and-drop app that will clear the way for development of IoT projects on Raspberry Pi — a popular low-cost go-to Linux tool useful for rapidly prototyping small, embedded systems. The launch of the project builder, known as Cayenne, was announced at the IoT Evolution Expo in Fort Lauderdale. It is a planned extension to myDevices’ already existing connectivity agnostic platform for custom IoT solutions that provides analytics, management and scaling for IoT networking. With Cayenne, developers can rapidly prototype IoT apps on the Raspberry Pi for use on myDevices’ platform. Users can install the Cayenne software to any Raspberry Pi device connected to a network, and then connect to the app. After installing Cayenne to a Raspberry Pi device, users can from the app view devices on the customizable dashboard and send commands, including configuring triggers, setting up threshold alerts, restarting and shutting down “We are very excited to introduce the IoT community to Cayenne, our versatile developer and maker solution, first designed for the Raspberry Pi maker,” said Kevin Bromber, CEO of myDevices.
“There are a lot of IoT platforms on the market, yet there are few IoT platforms that actually let the developer build a project without having to dig deep into SDKs and APIs just to get a simple proof of concept created,” he added.
myDevices claims that Cayenne, has a number of “revolutionary” capabilities. These include automatic device and senor discovery that enables Cayenne to be setup in as little as seven minutes, drag-and-drop widgets that allow developers to visualize real-time and historical data online or from a mobile app, and triggers that allow one sensor, motor or actuator to invoke an action on another device. Key features of Cayenne include:
  • A mobile app to set up, monitor and control devices and sensors from anywhere
  • Easy setup that quickly connects a device to the Internet, sensors, actuators and extensions in minutes
  • Rules engine for triggering actions across devices
  • Customizable dashboard with drag-and-drop visualization widgets
  • Scheduling of lights, motors and actuators
  • GPIO control that can be configured from a mobile app or dashboard
In addition, Cayenne features threshold alerts that send emails or text messages based on customization criteria and allows engineers to develop IoT projects in hours as opposed to months. “It is like an easy-to-use website builder but for IoT projects,” explained Bromber. Meanwhile, for businesses, it facilitates cost-effective prototyping and streamlined workflows, while home users benefit from easy and fluid control of home automation, security, sensors and lighting. Meanwhile, myDevice, also announced that it received the 2016 Best IoT Edge Gateway Solution award in the Battle of the Platforms, held at the IoT Evolution Expo in Fort Lauderdale.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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