Netsurion, EventTracker offer free POS ransomware assessment app

To counter the increasing point-of-sale (POS) malware and ransomware attacks, managed data and network security services company, Netsurion, and security information and event management (SIEM) provider, EventTracker, are offering retailers and brands an online POS Ransomware Risk Self-Assessment for free. In October Last year the security services provider acquired the SIEM vendor so that the combined entity could provide deeper managed security services offerings to small and mid-sized companies. According to the companies, the primary motivation of POS attackers has been to steal credit card data that can be sold to the black market for $5 to $30 per account. Companies that accept card payments should anticipate the possibility of being held virtually hostage if the mission critical nerve center of the payment card accepting merchants and service providers are locked up. “If ransomware attackers turn their attention to the already heavily targeted POS systems, and choose instead to hold a merchant hostage by preventing them from making transactions, victims could bleed millions of dollars in lost revenue daily until they recover the function of the POS systems,” said John Christly, Global CISO, Netsurion and EventTracker. “With the POS Ransomware Risk Self-Assessment, companies can immediately see just how at-risk they are against potential ransomware threats, and what specifically they need to do to ensure they are protected.” According to Netsurion and EventTracker, the POS Ransomware Risk Self-Assessment can be accessed at no charge from their websites. The app claims to provide:
  • The risk level for ransomware, and other malware, and what factors could escalate it
  • An estimate of how long the business may be down if ransomware at the POS is encountered
  • An estimated total revenue loss to show the real, concrete impact that ransomware can have
  • Customized POS ransomware protection recommendations that are emailed and can be shared with management
  • ROI guidance to help security pros evaluate recommended security measures

Abhinav Mohapatra

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