nThrive extends its revenue management analytics for healthcare

Patient-to-payment solution provider, nThrive has introduced new analytics enhancement to its Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). Existing earlier as MedAssets, Precyse and Equation, nThrive is a new identity from the combination of all three. It provides end-to-end healthcare, financial and clinical business intelligence analytics solution for the healthcare enterprise. And with its recent offering, plans to coordinate financial and clinical care to renew business operations. Originally a healthcare consulting firm, it reportedly, will facilitate a complete revenue management cycle to enterprises in this domain. According to the company, hospitals, health care systems and physician groups can avail the analytic tools to make informed strategic decisions that might attract and boost sales and figures.

nThrive claims to offer:

  • Improved Patient Access- MedAssets and Precyse in collaboration with Epic provides an integrated eligibility and benefits solution as part of its Patient Access Suite, offering users the ability to obtain patient insurance eligibility and benefits information within a provider’s patient accounting system (PAS).
  • Reduced Denials- Few areas of the revenue cycle impact the speed of payment more than claims processing. To cut through the complexity and help prevent denials upfront, nThrive has teamed with Epic and Cerner, to create its Accelerated Claims Reconciliation Solution.
  • Adaptation to CJR and Other Value-Based Models- To assist participating organizations under the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) model and help others prepare for future mandates, nThrive has developed CJR-Live, a predictive modeling tool that is incorporated into its Episode of Care solution.
  • HIM Technology- This Platform is designed to help providers rethink old operational models, and support a new, more streamlined approach to the transformation of clinical-to-financial processes. It is a cloud-based, integrated, single-database solution supporting coding, case management, CDI and audit functions.
  • Education- Precyse University DNA, nThrive’s education platform provides insights into performance management and solution enabling healthcare providers to implement structured, personalized training programs for coders, billers, clinical documentation improvement specialists, physicians, case managers, and all healthcare professionals who are part of the revenue cycle.
nThrive also states to offer a complete patient-to-payment solution with modes like nThrive Unify, nThrive Advise, nThrive Perform, nThrive Analyze and nThrive Sustain to join all the financial dots in the health system. Tom Ormondroyd, President of Education and Analytics, nThrive, says:
DataRiver’s unique approach to healthcare analytics will be seamlessly infused across all nThrive’s products and services. The decades of consulting knowledge, proprietary algorithms, and methodologies will act as a catalyst to further fortify our already strong product base.
According to the company, DataRiver poses as a virtual data warehouse that hubs disparate billing, general ledger, payroll system, and EHR data of a health care organization. And is later produced as analytical data models. Data Visualization and algorithm application is made possible by three analytic views: Discovery Dashboards, WebExcel, and WebSQL. These views help, drive improvements in productivity, quality of care, cost as well as market growth for health systems, hospitals, and physician practices alike, claims the company. Trevor Kobe, President of Analytics, nThrive, says:
The integration of deeper analytics, as a part of nThrive’s offerings, will enable health care organizations to generate actionable insights from historically untapped data sources. We are excited about using analytics to improve the financial and operational success of health care organizations.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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