NVIDIA, ITRI partner to probe AI for self-driving technology

Computer Technology company NVIDIA has signed an MoU with Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) for a joint deep learning development effort to advance autonomous driving and service robots. The duo plan to bring self-driving technology to Taiwanese transportation companies in 2018 for autonomous shuttle services able to move passengers around airport terminals, amusement parks, cities and train stations. “Our effort with ITRI, Taiwan’s largest multi-disciplinary technology research institute, builds on our work to provide everything from deep learning infrastructure to developer tools to sophisticated SoCs for the global auto industry,” said Danny Shapiro, Senior Director of Automotive, NVIDIA, in a blogpost. Through the partnership with NVIDIA, ITRI aims to introduce NVIDIA-developed DriveWorks, a software development kit for developing autonomous driving applications, and DRIVE PX 2, an AI car computing platform to enable automakers and main supply chain makers to accelerate production of automated and autonomous vehicles. Furthermore, ITRI will apply NVIDIA technologies and platforms to large volume of image computations.
“ITRI and NVIDIA will integrate the strengths from both parties in hardware and software,” said Hu Jwu-Sheng, General Director of Mechanical and Mechatronics systems research laboratories at ITRI.
Hu further added that the aim of this partnership is not just to improve the capabilities of industrial robots, but to use deep learning and AI to create service robots that leverage deep learning with the skills needed to work in industrial settings. Earlier this month, NVIDIA unveiled the DRIVE PX 2, an AI computing platform made for AutoCruise functions. With the new processor, a vehicle using the small form-factor DRIVE PX 2 for AutoCruise can understand in real time what is happening around it and locate itself on an HD map to plan ahead. This move was positioned to help automakers and their suppliers accelerate the manufacturing of autonomous and automated cars.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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