OpenText launches Magellan, combines machine learning & analytics

Enterprise information management company, OpenText, has launched a flexible AI and analytics platform that combines open source machine learning with advanced analysis platform that claims to acquire, merge, manage and analyze Big Data.

What does it have to offer

Named OpenText Magellan, the platform’s cognitive computing platform states to offer machine-assisted decision making, automation, and business optimization. According to the company it is a cost-effective solution built on a cohesive, scalable infrastructure equipped for handling massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. “Enterprises have created vast data lakes of information over the last decade, and OpenText Magellan helps to organize that information and unlock its value. As automation advances at incredible rates, and enterprise data grows larger, OpenText Magellan brings the power of analytics, algorithms and statistical models to organizations around the world for advanced decision making and better business insight,” said Mark J Barrenechea, CEO and CTO, OpenText.
“With OpenText Magellan, we are moving towards a more open, scalable and affordable future for AI. OpenText is committed to ensuring AI is designed into its offerings from day one.”
The company states that the Magellan is powered by OpenText Analytics, and Apache Spark and can integrate across any enterprise information management architecture to dramatically reduce the time, effort and expertise required to leverage the value of advanced analytics in decision-making and task automation.

How will it help

The solution will be able to leverage machine learning to unlock the value of EIM data by analyzing customers, trading partners, employees, orders, invoices, cases, documents and other data managed in these systems. It can deploy a cohesive platform with pre-integrated components to minimize the effort and expertise required to go live. Magellan can democratize access to AI by helping data scientists create custom algorithms for use by business analysts and operational users. Magellan also uses an open source, Apache Spark-based platform which according to OpenText allows customers to automatically derive the most current and complete insights from Big Data and EIM Content to achieve optimal outcomes. Along with that it can also augment applications automatically with self-service analytics, that can help business users to delve deep into massive amounts of data and derive actionable insight. OpenText Magellan is part of the OpenText EIM portfolio which consists of comprehensive and integrated product solutions including Content Suite, Process Suite, Experience Suite, Analytics Suite, Discovery Suite and Business Network.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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