Pegasystems integrates AI capabilities to optimize its CRM solution

Software company Pegasystems has announced new artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic automation capabilities in its customer relationship management (CRM) offerings. The move is made to enable businesses to optimize their sales and customer service effectiveness with desktop analytics and machine learning. According to the company, unifying its Workforce Intelligence within the Customer Service and Sales Automation applications can help businesses uncover hidden patterns of inefficiency by analyzing millions of actions taken every day on every desktop from any application. With this offering, the company has equipped its CRM solution to give actionable advice to overcome these pitfalls and improve the employee and customer experience. It uses robotic automation and AI to understand how sales and service agents work and how the apps and processes work for them.
“The margin between business success and failure can be razor thin, sometimes turning on the smallest detail that makes the biggest difference,” said Don Schuerman, CTO and Vice President, Product Marketing, Pegasystems.
“By analyzing workforce behavior on the desktop, businesses can uncover hidden inefficiencies that have quietly impacted team productivity, customer experience, and bottom line results. This industry-first CRM capability offers solutions to problems that companies didn’t even know existed to improve their business in surprising new ways,” Schuerman added. The company explains that most businesses today use CRM applications that provide managers with a basic window into their team’s performance. However, this view presents an incomplete picture that overlooks inherent operational and employee inefficiencies that most businesses simply don’t know exist. These problems subtly and quietly reduce effectiveness, erode revenues, and degrade the customer experience. By combining insights with CRM performance data, Pegasystems claims that organizations can have the ability to not only identify masked inefficiencies but also realize how they directly affect agent performance and customer experience. These insights empower managers to improve the workforce environment by coaching employees with new approaches, automating redundant processes, or instituting more effective best practices. Pega Workforce Intelligence capabilities will be available in the second quarter of this year within Customer Service and Sales Automation.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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