Promapp's PVM to simplify management processes

Promapp Solutions that provides cloud-based management software has launched Process Variant Management (PVM), a software tailored to channelize the management process of those organizations that have multiple locations and multiple products. The new software standardizes processes across the entire company, while incorporating process variations to meet the requirements of a specific corporate location, product, or customer.

Bringing regional offices closer

The company claims that for any organization, controlling process variations is a major challenge, especially when the organizations with different regions, different products, customer types, business units and shared service clients. The New Zealand-based company states that PVM establishes standardized processes with controlled variations. In simple words process variant is nothing but a specific activity sequence. Thus, with this software it becomes easy to own or remove process variations and improve transparency, compliance and control. Simplifying the management of process variations allows companies to save both time and money, while enabling them to control and improve customized services and activities across locations.
Ivan Seselj, CEO, Promapp said, “Managing process variations has always been a huge problem. “It is unnecessarily complex, costly, and inconsistent, particularly for companies which are multi-nationals, have numerous locations, or offer multiple core products or services.”
Promapp’s Business Process Management (BPM) tool claims to constantly improve the way teams provide value to their customers and treats business processes as a key knowledge asset of organization, similarly PVM is designed for use by everyday business teams. According to Promapp, creating a process variation is as simple as establishing the standard process, creating variations and making them available to the right people within organization. Promapp makes it easy to identify, calculate and report on the cost of both global and process specific variations. Promapp clients who have been given pre-launch access to PVM are explaining it as a simplified module that combines similar processes into one. PVM has allows user to document complex processes then map the variations for the other project types.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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