QuickMobile launches Live Insights: tools to enhance enterprise event apps

QuickMobile, a Vancouver-based company that specializes in event apps and enterprise mobile meetings has announced the launch of Live Insights, a real-time audience response solution that enables event organizers to engage with audiences and interact better. The technology claims “meaningful” attendee engagement, “empowering” companies to personalize attendee journeys and interactions. It also claims to aid attendees to collaborate with presenters and gain adequate insights from an engaged community. QuickMobile platform is helping organizations connect meetings and event data with other business systems providing an environment of exchange with their participants. Live Insights aims at ways for event organizers to understand attendee motivations, preferences, and needs and continually adapt to attendee behaviour and intelligence. Audience sentiment can be measured by the tools of the machinery that will answer questions and increase audience participation. It can also be used to attain feedback through session interactions. This secure, scalable mobile platform promises to deliver truly converging and engaging experience for all the stake holders.

Raising the bar for enterprise mobile meets and events

It claims to facilitate easy-to-administer tools and enhanced personalization capabilities to allow attendees to engage with others, while providing event planners with vital insight into important business decisions at tradeshows, user conferences, shareholder meetings, sales kickoffs and many more. The app also allows attendees to personalize their schedules, network with other attendees and sponsors and share their experiences through integrated social media channels to push the envelope. In a commitment to host more personalized and engaging events, earlier QuickMobile had entered into collaboration with Apple enabling smart watch integration and create micro-mobile moments to focus on an individual with specific information. Amongst its other features, Live Insights provides several key features like live polling, PowerPoint, discussion forums, group chats and comprehensive reports to assimilate first hand and immediate information of the attendee understanding. Julie Bevacqua, CMO of QuickMobile said, “Live Insights is a game-changer in audience engagement. Never before has anyone been able to launch a poll, push the results to the audience, and continue with the presentation simply by advancing their presentation slides – all integrated natively with a mobile event app. Attendees have a personalized experience while speakers have greater control over how they interact with their audiences.”

How can it benefit enterprises?

Personalized Experiences: Driving attendee participation while staying in full control from start to finish is a requirement for event planners. The QuickMobile Platform delivers relevant content and meaningful connections to the right audience or attendee, at the right time. It aligns an attendee’s profile and event goals with up-to-date and relevant information, materials, notifications, networking, and messaging with other attendees and more while keeping event planners in full control. Social Engagement: Leveraging social marketing, video experiences, rich mobile applications, and other interactive tools are important ways for companies to set their brands apart. Beyond sharing photos, likes and comments, and quick polls, the QuickMobile Platform gives event planners powerful in-the-moment social networking experiences at events, creating communities among groups of attendees that want to share, collaborate, and connect with each other. Deeper Integration: Integrating directly with enterprise business applications, analytics applications, and existing customer databases that drive the business is essential to delivering relevant attendee experiences. By providing deeper integration with these systems, the QuickMobile Platform supports thousands of highly-personalized interactions across multiple events entirely through a single platform. Increased Productivity: From the organizer’s perspective, mobile event apps must deliver increased productivity, data analytics, and ROI benefits that reach beyond paper replacement and logistics management. The QuickMobile Platform delivers powerful new features, leading to new ways of getting information, working together, and making events more productive, valuable experiences for attendees and planners. “I am incredibly excited to launch Live Insights,” said David Smith, CEO of QuickMobile, adding, “It’s the first of its kind to increase attendee engagement in a mobile event app. It even enables people in different locations to feel as if they are a part of the same meeting, allowing everyone to get involved in a way that is easily manageable for organizers. It’s a great way to change a group dynamic, promote meeting collaboration, and action outcomes”, he added.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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