Sixgill raises $6M to expand its enterprise proximity services

Enterprise proximity service and PaaS solution provider, Sixgill, has raised an additional $6 million in an investment round led by DRW Ventures’ affiliate in Chicago and participation by Mobile Financial Partners in Alexandria, Virginia. The company will be using the investment to expand its sales and marketing efforts as well as broaden and accelerate product development of its Sense proximity service in the new Los-Angeles area office.

Sense proximity platform lets users track, determine and act on the changing proximity of people, places and things in the enterprise. It is a flexible to configure, easy-to-adopt PaaS, open to existing data and systems, and market-tested at consumer volumes with 1.5 billion proximity measurements, 25 million context sensitive actions and 4 million people assisted thus far. Customers initially benefit from ability to automate messaging or actions based on proximity awareness, but longer term will accumulate migration histories that can be analyzed to understand behaviors of whole populations over time.

Phil Ressler, CEO, Sixgill, says, “Sixgill addresses a quickly emerging enterprise pain point: how to foster the agility of effortless workforce and asset mobility while mitigating its chaotic consequences. We view proximity awareness as the key new data type to enable organizations to take full advantage of the exploding mobility of human and equipment resources.”

Sixgill Sense
Sixgill Sense tracks, determines, and acts on the changing proximity of people, places and things.

Ressler has long been active in building markets, teams and businesses around data and developer-oriented computing innovations, as an operator and venture professional. He joined Sixgill as CEO in 2015 to bring an open, cross-functional proximity data service to organizations wanting to embrace IoT and foster productivity-enhancing mobility in their workforce, while managing associated risks.

“Mobile use in the workplace has materially increased, but corporates have only just begun to explore new ways to engage with this network to generate commercial insights and deliver business-critical tools. Sixgill is positioned well to help ensure that mobility is truly optimized,” says Don Wilson, lead investor, Sixgill.

Sixgill is the enterprise redirection of the proximity software and data technology originally developed by Zos Communications for producer and sponsor-to-attendee communications and crowd management projects for large events.

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