Sixscape Communications raises $2 million from Tembusu ICT Fund I

Sixscape Communications, a homegrown developer of secure communication software for desktop and mobile devices, has raised S$2 million from Tembusu ICT Fund I, a software-focused venture capital fund headquartered in Singapore. Founded in 2016, Tembusu ICT Fund I, is a developer of secure communication software for desktop and mobile devices. Sixscape Communications is specialized in next-generation secure communication solutions for consumers and businesses. It protects the online communication channels such as email, chat messaging and file transfer apps from hacking and other cyber attacks by automating the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) process across multiple channels. PKI is a set of roles, policies and procedures that enable users and computers to securely exchange data over the internet and verify the identity of the other party. Without PKI, sensitive information can be encrypted and exchanged, but there would be no assurance of the identity of the other party.
“We plan to become a global leader in secure messaging, which we have simplified by automating digital certificate management and network configuration. This is accomplished through our own Identity Registration Protocol, and unprecedented integration with the LDAP network directory protocol. Within 60 seconds of installing our IPv6-based app, you can exchange fully encrypted, digitally signed messages with other users. Our next-generation technology positions us to make a similar impact to the IPv6 Internet, as Netscape did to the IPv4 Internet,” said Lawrence Hughes, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Sixcape.
Hughes developed and delivered training in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for Verisign, a PKI pioneer company. This experience has given him unique insight into PKI and inspired him to simplify its use for secure applications. The Managing Partner of ICT Fund I, Brijesh Pande also expressed his views on the company and said that it is a disruptive cryptography company with authentication and encryption solutions that enable secure and scalable communications and transactions. According to him, the unique distributed PKI technology of the enterprise has the potential to make military-grade encryption and authentication possible for large-scale deployment in the Internet of things(IoT) and 5G era. The fund is said to be the only venture capital fund in Singapore investing solely in software start-ups.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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