SpotCues enhances employee engagement through Conversational Hub

California based startup, SpotCues, which delivers advanced mobile communication platform has introduced new features to its Conversational Hub to encourage and engage the deskless workers. With the advancement of Conversational Hub, SpotCues has added features like expansion of its library of pre-built MicroApps, which include CRM integration and workflow support. As these features are MicroApps specific which increases the productivity and efficiency of the mobile users, all on one mobile communications platform. It also bridges the user’s present context and the MicroApps appropriate for that community. With SpotCues, community owners can have a way to quickly create a platform that is personalized to their individual needs. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the population of the US mobile workers will surpass 105 million by 2020. Furthermore, IDC is factoring in that the mobile workforce will soon account for nearly three quarters (72.3 percent) of the total US workforce. And as the mobile workforce is emerging on a higher rate, the companies are seeking as to how they are going to integrate and support these workers.

SpotCues Virtual Desk for Deskless employees

At the conversational hub for the deskless employees, users can share company information, events, training programs, among other announcements. The hub has not only been designed for employee engagement, but also for sales and brand activation. It also enables the organisation to launch employee initiatives such as rewards and recognition programs, surveys, wellness programs within hours and are driven by pre-built MicroApps designed for mobile-based participation. Vijay Pullur, CEO of SpotCues says:
“Traditional messaging-based mobile platforms don’t meet today’s needs of deskless workers. Just providing information at the right time and at the right place is not sufficient. Real-time collaboration for decision making and actionable MicroApps within the mobile platform are essential; this is what can make or break a sale. “SpotCues provides relevant and consistent communications, which enable retailers to make their distributed workforce more productive than ever before.”

A ‘spot-on’ Communication platform

The Conversational Hub allows the employers to connect to their peers located at varied locations automatically and facilitates a real- time communication. Through the MicroApps, the deskless workers can immediately access the important company information, product inventory data, training manuals, videos and employee directories. ‘Spot’owners can create a ‘Spot’ that provides a mobile communications platform, and MicroApps to enable a wide-range of people from ‘deskless’ workers to participants at an event to communicate in the context they are at. For example, to strengthen strengthen customer service and internal communications, a retail chain in the US required an in-built solution that would enable the sales staff to share and exchange customer feedback, customer experiences, suggestions and ideas. By using SpotClues solution, the company claims to have connected its sales staff that is distributed across 104 retail stores with its warehouses and corporate office. SpotClues claims to be offering two versions; Standard (free) and Pro, for its Conversational Hub. Both versions offer access to unlimited users, pre-built MicroApps, secure enterprise messaging, and user provisioning.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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