Now police officers can nab criminals using Staqu's new AI app

Staqu, an Indian (Gurgaon-based) artificial intelligence startup, has launched a criminal registration and search system, that can enable police forces to opt for mobile-phone-based criminal registration, including biometric information. Dubbed as ABHED (Artificial intelligence Based Human Efface Detection), the system uses Staqu’s machine learning capabilities to expedite criminal search, missing person search, crime scene fingerprint matching, among others. Every Police personnel will have its own login password to use the app for both, registering and search. The access can be controlled at different levels, with the mobile phone number of police personnel. OTP based logins are used for profiling or searching to ensure optimum security. With a simplified user-interface of the mobile phone app, Staqu claims that the police personnel can automatically profile criminals or missing people, including biometric information like fingerprints, voice & face pictures and can be integrated with the current CCTNS (Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & System).
“At Staqu, we are inspired to utilize AI, to solve everyday challenges. With the launch of ABHED, we are utilizing our AI prowess, especially in machine learning, for enabling police forces to digitalize and automate profiling & search for criminals and missing people,” said Atul Rai, CEO and Co-Founder, Staqu.
Staqu has also associated with the Alwar Police Department and has commissioned a pioneer pilot program, utilizing AI for nabbing criminals and searching missing people. Rai hopes that given the rising rate of crimes and child trafficking, advanced technology is best deployed to aid security forces.
“Technology is quickly seeping into our everyday lives and it was only a matter of time before the police department also joined the wave of digitalization and innovation. It has been an enriching experience, collaborating with Staqu and commissioning the unique pilot program that helps in maintaining digital records of criminals or missing people, and via advanced technology helps in searching for the same,” said Rahul Prakash , Superintendent of Police, Alwar Police Department.
Prakash further added that the ABHED app will not only assist the patrolling forces, it will also make the entire process easy, seamless and completely digital. The startup claims that ABHED provides matching details from the criminal database within seconds, offering better accuracy than any other criminal recognition system. Criminal search can be performed through FIR, available face images or fingerprints. The app is available in both Hindi and English and can be extended to other languages as well. It works with the existing levels of infrastructure and technology penetration. Optimized for 2G or 3G networks, ABHED can handle thousands queries per seconds and supports unlimited searches and criminal profiles’ indexing.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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