Why startup and SME business needs mobile CRM strategy

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have been noteworthy supporter of the Indian economy since its establishment. That is one of the reasons why MNCs have designed and redesigned their policies to cater to SMEs in the country. When it comes to the market, expressions like the startup ecosystem along with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) seem to be trending. In this competitive era, no business or organization can thrive without proper Customer Relationship Management systems. Advent of SAAS technology has made it possible for SMEs and Startups to go for CRM systems, which otherwise was available only to large enterprises with deep pockets. Frantic growth and scalability are the two things that symbolize startups and SMEs, that’s the reason they need to, have a proper mobile CRM strategy more than anybody else. Mobile market is growing at a much faster rate as compared to PCs. This obviously means that more people will use mobile for doing their business as compared to people using PCs. That is the reason startups and SMEs prefer to deploy tools which are mobile based.

Benefits of Mobile CRM for Startups and SMEs

Relevant Information anywhere anytime

Nowadays, everybody carries a smart phone with them. Having all the information about customer and all interactions with customers in mobile is a huge force multiplier. The sales person on the field can know about history of the customer they are going to meet.

Easier recording of information

Traditionally salespeople had to do calls and meetings entire day and then in the evening or at the end of the week used to make reports for their managers. Lets accept it, no one enjoys data entry. Mobile CRM eradicates this entirely.

Automatic Logging of communications

Calls/SMS/Emails get logged automatically and meetings can get logged with three clicks. Mobile CRM virtually automates the data entry process. Even notes or minutes of the meetings can be photographed and attached to mobile CRM.

Using Mobile specific Features

Imagine taking photographs of notes of discussion during a meeting and attaching to the CRM as minutes of meeting or finding clients and prospects near your location, or tracking your sales executive’s location so that better coordination is possible. These all are mobile specific features which are great efficiency booster, but are not available without mobile technology.

Real-time Alerts and reporting

Right information is great only when it is received at the right time. Mobile CRM enables this in a very efficient and effective manner. A real time notification of assignments or escalations provides very effective edge to the people on the field.

Saves time

This can be the biggest benefit of mobile CRM. Though one cannot get as detailed analysis as a desktop or web app can give, but still mobile CRM always provides relevant and strategic information in time. Also, it saves a lot of time by eliminating or simplifying data capturing.

Employees Love it

Mobile CRM eases life of employees to a great extent by relieving them from the burden of data entry. One of the biggest advantages is reduction of stress between managers and executive staff because of transparent and clear reporting possible with Mobile CRM.


None of today’s businesses can imagine their processes without a proper mobile CRM strategy. It just becomes too much of a hassle. Mobile CRM is possibly the best weapon in the hands of sales executives and sales managers of SMEs and startups.

Limesh Parekh

Limesh is the CEO at Enjay IT Solutions. His vision is to make Enjay the bridge between technology and business solutions. He studied the Indian economy and identified the gaps that technology could

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