How startups can benefit by using CRM

What typically defines startup is a brilliant idea and rapid growth plan. The brilliant idea could be development of a product or a service; it could also be a delivery mechanism. But sales remain an essential component for any of the above stated scenario. For sustaining the rapid boom, planning of sales growth is immensely important. If startups can manage sales properly then their growth plan is sure to succeed. A good CRM can help startups to achieve their sales targets and scale the operations very efficiently.

How startups can benefit by using CRM

Early start

The idea that a startup becomes systematic over a period of time by itself is partially true. Generally the team has to make a conscious effort at organizing the business. A well defined process would go a long way in facilitating this goal. Today there are many tools in the market which assist in systemizing these processes. CRM is a one stop shop while looking for a management tool.

Centralized customer information

Startups generally comprise of small but effective teams. Having all the information about customers (and potential customers) on a centralized platform makes it easy for teams to access information and make effective decisions. Most of the CRMs provide a very effective mobile app, which provides customer information at your fingertips.

Centralized information about customer interactions

Generally there is more than one person involved in interacting with customers. Without investing much effort, a CRM can provide every interaction with customers by any team member. This saves lot of internal communication and confusion.

Cross selling and upselling

There are only two ways to increase sales. Targeting new customers or selling more to the existing ones. For doing this, proper customer segmentation and categorization is crucial. CRM helps with appropriate insights and intelligence for cross-selling and upselling.

Investors love it

Yes, any investor appreciates a company which has proper sales management. It is so because a transparent sales funnel helps to predict and manage growth more efficiently. Investors are inclined towards companies which have proper corporate governance and process oriented culture.

Customer oriented culture

To differentiate yourself from others, you need to create a customer oriented organization. This kind of culture is cumbersome to achieve without a proper and comprehensive CRM. One which would cover the important aspects of management like marketing, sales and service. If entire team uses one platform which provides complete insight to customer engagement, they are in better position to take care of customers.

Automating customer engagement

CRM helps automate customer engagements and increase customer satisfaction with timely alerts and notifications. Even Customer support can be elevated to next level with multi-channel access to customers through calls, emails, SMS, chats, ticket portals, etc.

Pay as you grow

Previously CRM was a costly solution, affordable only to big companies but not anymore. Most of CRM systems today are available as SaaS model. Which helps startups to keep an eye on their budget at the same time avail latest technology to increase their sales. This is one of the most recommendable features of modern CRM systems.


CRM is one of the first tools that should be implemented in any startup if they need to grow to the next level. Because without CRM, sales will not grow as expected.

Limesh Parekh

Limesh is the CEO at Enjay IT Solutions. His vision is to make Enjay the bridge between technology and business solutions. He studied the Indian economy and identified the gaps that technology could

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