Tech consultant Cimphoni forays into IoT and enterprise software

Delafield based technology consultant company, Cimphoni, has launched another vertical that will focus on a new business focused on providing Internet of Things (IoT) business strategy, IoT-enabled product development and custom enterprise software solutions. The new vertical will be called Cimphoni Solutions. The vertical will provide IoT solutions to companies from concept to device to data analytics. It will also provide IoT program management, hardware and software design, and prototype development to get the new IoT-enabled product ready for production. Rick Davidson, President and CEO of Cimphoni, said, “We’re excited to expand our services into an area that has nearly limitless opportunities for innovation – the Internet of Things. This business evolved out of our core consulting business, as we have identified strategic opportunities for our clients to leverage smart, connected products and the wealth of Big Data that they provide.” In addition, Cimphoni Solutions will help companies leverage the data derived from IoT-enabled products by identifying new revenue opportunities and ways to improve customer satisfaction. Matt Crego, Chief Technology Officer, Cimphoni, writes on the company blog, “The Internet of Things is not only for product manufacturers, there is also a tremendous opportunity for service companies to… Creative thinking and reimagining your business, with the right execution capabilities, can really transform service delivery. By providing compelling new features and conveniences to customers, you can create new approaches to your existing services and harvest the troves of data that result from them, resulting in a deeper understanding of what your customers want. These insights can then be used to achieve additional innovation.” He gives an example of Amazon Dash, an IoT device, which can be used to replenish products at a click of a button. Coming to building custom enterprise software, the company states to have a “mobile first” approach. Founded in 2012, the company as three verticals — Cimphoni Consulting leverages technology to achieve business transformation, Cimphoni Solutions focuses on innovation driven by the Internet of Things, and Cimphoni Life Sciences creates new medical devices and solutions. The last vertical was launched in January this year, which hoped to bring together engineers, industrial designers, physicians and research staff to convert laboratory research and clinical discoveries into medical devices.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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