ThinAir launches conversational UI for threat detection

ThinAir, the insider detection and investigation platform, has announced the availability of the company’s new flagship product. The ThinAir 2.0 claims to enable deep visibility into enterprise data with a patent pending conversational user interface and impact cost assessment tool for business risks. According to the company, enterprises today are lacking visibility into information proliferation across endpoints, posing a significant risk. The new product that caters to CISOs and IT administrators, states to shorten the time to identify data-breaches to 90 seconds. ThinAir claims that the new product automatically analyzes every data interaction with real-time information attribution, for example, tracking and recording every single time a person touches information containing credit card numbers. With contextual depth and precision, it can identify suspicious actions in real-time, before threats turn into expensive, and public, breaches. “ThinAir helps CISOs and security analysts become 10 times faster and more effective, by automating many of the tasks that consume much of their time and effort every day,” said Tony Gauda, Founder and CEO, ThinAir.
“As information becomes the primary asset for today’s organizations, ThinAir’s technology provides visibility and impact assessment. We turn analysts into superheroes by surfacing all user-information interactions, with simplicity and speed.”

New capabilities

  • Conversational Interface: ThinAir is comparing its advanced interface with a conversational bot like Apple’s Siri, calling it the “Siri for Security.” According to the company, an analyst can now ask sophisticated search queries in plain English. Asking a question such as, “Who accessed CCN# 12345000001111 in the past week and copied it to USB?” will result in the precise answer, within a few seconds.
  • Impact Assessment: The 2.0 includes an “Impact Tab”, a new capability for quick assessment of the full scope of an incident or a breach. Additionally, this feature has the ability to view the financial impact associated with the data, person or device in question.
  • 60-Second Onboarding: ThinAir 2.0 also claims to have reduced the time and made it easier to sign-up and start using its product within a minute, omitting the long-drawn proof of concepts or on-premise infrastructure requirement.
The product has been made available in three editions, namely; Express, Professional and Enterprise. Though the company is offering a free trial, ThinAir Professional and Enterprise editions are also available for purchase. At any time, Express users can upgrade to ThinAir Professional or Enterprise plans which will give users access to longer historical visibility and enterprise-level customer support.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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