Talk to your bulldozer now using UIB-Cybus solution

Cybus, the smart networking solutions provider for IIoT and intelligent IoT messaging company, Unified Inbox (UIB), have announced a collaboration to integrate UIB’s UnificationEngine with Cybus’ Connectware secure connectivity technology. The collaboration aims to make machine to machine (M2M), human to machine (H2M), and machine to human (M2H) communications for manufacturers and operators of industrial equipment more easier and secure. Cybus’ secure IIoT technology and UIB’s intelligent IoT messaging platform will be used to create innovative industry 4.0 solutions that will make remote monitoring and predictive maintenance easier and more secure for manufacturers and operators of industrial equipment. Cybus’ technology claims to bridge the gap between manufacturing and logistics environments’ need for high security and the connected world of digital services. It acts as a translator between protocols and the management layer, which allows easy, precise, and controllable access by authorized data users. UIB on the other hand provides natural language communications (NLP) for IIoT machines and equipment. Operators can communicate with their machines through the communications channels they already use. Both companies feel that clubbing Connectware and UnificationEngine, a solution can be easily adapted and developed for machinery, vehicles, sensors, and their components across verticals including discrete and process manufacturing, power plants, and logistics. “Cybus’ secure middleware enables factory operators to optimize their production while retaining full control of their data. We designed UnificationEngine to enable these same factory operators to remotely set up, control, and receive critical alerts and notifications from their production machines in real-time. The Connectware and UnifiedEngine solution for IIoT enables manufacturers to reap the full benefits of industry 4.0, including remote monitoring and predictive maintenance on the communications channels they already use,” said Ken Herron, Chief Marketing Officer, Unified Inbox.
“We believe this partnership can play a critical role in securing a present and future-proof retrofit IIoT kit to better meet our customers’ dual needs for accessing their machines’ data and safeguarding their security. This is just the start, we are excited to continue to grow our partnership to explore further applications of Cybus’ smart networking solution for IIoT with UIB’s intelligent IoT messaging platform for industry 4.0 and smart enterprise.”
Using the combined solution, innovative industrial equipment manufacturers will be able to provide customers with data-driven, value-added services such as remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, making it secure and easy to acquire, provide, and use industrial data. “The combination of our technologies brings the benefits of industry 4.0 to manufacturers, making it secure and easy to acquire, provide, and use industrial data. Partnering with UIB means for us to move a huge step forward on our mission to bring the power of the internet to industrial settings. Together with UIB we now are able to offer manufacturers and operators to securely message their machines as easily as they message each other,” said Laurent Schueller, Head of Marketing and PR, Cybus.
“Both UIB’s and Cybus’ approaches bringing industry 4.0 to manufacturers and operators with legacy machines and equipment leads to a vast variety of new potential use-cases. We see immediate benefits for our existing clients with UnificationEngine, as well as for the wider market. This joint solution brings together our innovations in machine communications with UIB’s global leadership in secure, messaging-based H2M and M2H communications. We’re thrilled to have found such a fantastic platform as UnificationEngine to complement our technology.”

Abhinav Mohapatra

An author who has a keen interest for the ‘off-beat’ <!--more-->An author who has a keen interest for the ‘off-beat’, he has covered and explored multiple facets of the marketing, advertising

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