Unit4 Business World On: A new mobile compatible ERP for the services industry

Unit4, enterprise software developer for the services industry, has announced its new mobile compatible ERP — Business World On!. The SaaS business suite will be available from May 2, later this year. Organizations have a choice to start with an on-premise solution, which can be migrated to the cloud later. Business World On! is targeted at Professional Services, Education, Non-Profit and Public Sector organizations, who can address their back and the front-office business processes. The solutions the suite offers include — Financial Management; Human Resources & Payroll; Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting; Procurement Management; Project Management; Field Service management; and Estate & Asset Management. “We’re redefining enterprise software for services organizations with service, people and industry specific needs,” said José Duarte, CEO of Unit4.
“We’re delivering a completely new software experience to these organizations. Modern, simple to use, fully mobile business solutions which address the front office and help differentiate. Our customers will be freed from repetitive tasks and empowered to focus on what’s important – supporting their people to deliver best in class services to their customers.”
The ERP suite claims to apply a “mobile first” approach to support the increasingly mobile workforce. In essence that means the solution can be accessed from any device — a smartphone, tablet, notebook or a desktop. The company is releasing the ERP under the “Self-driving ERP” positioning line. It feels that the software leverages the latest innovations of the digital revolution, such as predictive analytics and sentiment analysis to transform complex information into smart information, making it easy for people in organizations to collaborate and make the best decisions. It claims that the software has been built on a modular architecture, allowing companies the flexibility to upgrade only the modules they want. They don’t have to upgrade the entire system. This modular approach lowers risk and minimizes cost and allows gradual upgradation. Unit4 claims to have annual revenues of over $530 million and a workforce of over 4,000 people around the world.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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