You can now buy bitcoin on Unocoin using net banking feature

Unocoin, an Indian Bitcoin and blockchain company, has partnered with payment gateway PayUBiz to facilitate its users in buying Bitcoin using the net banking feature. With this move, the company aims at simplifying the entire process of buying Bitcoin for Indians.
“With an increasing interest in Bitcoin, this integration will enable Unocoin customer to buy Bitcoin even on a weekend while the manual payment processing is not functional,” says Sathvik Vishwananth, CEO and Co-Founder, Unocoin.
To buy Bitcoin using net banking, Unocoin users will have to head onto “Buy Bitcoin” tab and choose ‘Netbanking’ as the mode of payment along with the required details and confirm the order. On successfully completing the transaction, the user is credited with their Bitcoin immediately into their Unocoin Wallet. The entire transaction is facilitated by the PayUBiz payment gateway that follows PCI-DSS compliance to ensure complete security of the transactions. Unocoin had recently launched its mobile app on iOS and Android, which is a full featured mobile Bitcoin app. The app offers 24/7 access to real-time Bitcoin market prices and instantaneous trading transactions. The company had previously opened up its API for public to build businesses over its services and had conducted “Cryptothon” – a 24 hour Bitcoin – Blockchain Hackathon. Recently, the company also partnered with Shapeshift, an instant digital asset exchange firm, to enable its users to convert blockchain assets into Bitcoin. For this, it uses Shapeshift’s API to convert popular blockchain assets such as Ethereum, Monero, Zcash and Dash into bitcoin and then if desired, into INR.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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