Upthere comes out of stealth, gets funding of $77M

Designer, developer, builder and provider of cloud based personal storage applications for businesses and individuals, Upthere has announced that it has come out of beta with a funding of $77 million led by KPCB and Western Digital, along with Elevation Partners, Floodgate, GV, NTT Docomo Ventures, and Square 1 Bank. The funding will accelerate Upthere’s technology and provide storage solutions to customers. According to Wall Street Journal, Upthere team is led by former Apple engineers. Founded in 2011, Upthere suggests that it is a smarter way to keep, find, and share all the files instead of storing it on devices that takes up lots of space. It claims that its offerings are the safest way to privately store all files in the cloud. It provides a unified place for all files so that user can access it from any device.
Chris Bourdon, CEO of Upthere said, “We built Upthere from the ground up to be the ultimate personal storage experience. “We can now live directly from the cloud instead of battling the limited space on our devices. With the cloud as our primary storage place, we can easily view, find, and share a lifetime of data from any device, anywhere.”

Key features of Upthere:

  • Upthere Home: The Home app is the window to everything as it is designed store unlimited personal photos, videos, music, and documents for lifetime. Basically it categorizes and groups files together to make the browsing easy. In order to search specific things, sustomers can type few characters or select the groups so that the information is filtered to get the required results. For example, tapping on dates in photos will zoom out to show a bird’s eye view of all photos organized by month and year. Tap again to zoom in on a set of photos.
  • Loops: It makes the use of Loops, a tool that can include any file and that can be in any number of Loops. If a user wants to manually organize things, Upther suggests to make a Loops as they are quick and has an intuitive way to keep things together. Loops can be private, shared with others, or published through a web link. Anyone in a Loop can invite others, add content, and make comments
  • Full fidelity: It maintains the full fidelity of every file. It don’t compress users’ files and impose arbitrary size limits. They keep the content of the user untouched.


The Upthere core technology is a new operating system called UpOS. UpOS is built to support an ever-expanding amount of content being created in different formats from different devices and services. It is an integrated set of technologies that spans device and cloud, connecting the two together to deliver a smarter storage experience. The cloud part reliably stores content and makes it ubiquitously accessible, discoverable, and shareable. On the device, the UpOS framework, embedded in the Upthere Home app, transparently performs operations directly to the cloud. By bridging cloud and device, UpOS makes it possible to treat the cloud as primary storage place, bypassing the limitations imposed by legacy technologies like backup and sync. Upthere Home is available now for Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows (beta) with 200GB of storage.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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