Velocify launches ReportHub to perk up sales performance through actionable insights

Velocify, a sales acceleration platform, today announced the launch of ReportHub, a new business intelligence solution that provides actionable insight to evaluate and improve performance across sales reps, campaigns, and lead sources. Like a digital fitness tracker for sales organizations, ReportHub claims to empower sales managers and sales admins to up their game by delivering near real-time intelligence through easy-to-use data visualizations that guide quicker, more informed decisions about sales strategy and execution.
“Sales processes have become increasingly digitized, generating enormous amounts of relevant performance data. ReportHub presents crucial data in an easily digestible way, helping guide data-driven decisions that can have a meaningful impact on sales growth,” said Manoj Goyal, COO, Velocify.
According to the company, sales organizations today need better insight into which reps, lead sources, and sales strategies are performing well, and which ones aren’t. However, sales managers and admins often have to use manual, time-consuming processes to download data and run separate analyses on critical key performance indicators. This painstaking process often inhibits their ability to take quick action.

Actionable Sales Performance Insights

With ReportHub, sales organizations can access their sales performance data in near real-time using intuitive, interactive charts and graphs. ReportHub runs on top of the Velocify platform, with access to large stores of highly granular and accurate sales activity data. It is designed to provide a holistic view to better evaluate contact strategy, allocate sales team resources, and improve lead sourcing efforts. Also, the sales solution breaks down an individual company’s sales analytics into three main categories:
  • lead source performance
  • contact day/time of call performance
  • sales rep/user performance.
Each category offers an array of interactive reports, including dashboards for quick analysis, and detailed charts for sales managers to drill down into the data to uncover deeper performance trends across sales reps, lead sources, or contact strategies. For example, the lead performance category features a bubble chart showing the volume of leads converted by source, plotted against time and conversion rate, delivering a three-dimensional understanding of the quality of different leads. Other key benefits of ReportHub include:
  • Insights into high and low return on call activity by time-of-day and day-of-week to better inform staff allocation decisions.
  • Quickly identify coaching opportunities by recognizing reps performing below the team average.
  • Improve sales pipeline health through near real-time assessments of how quickly deals are moving to the next sales stage.
ReportHub is now available at no additional cost to customers using Velocify Lead Manager.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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