VoiceBox launches SDK, integrates with INRIX for automobiles

VoiceBox Technologies, the provider of Contextual Voice Interface technology and Voice Artificial Intelligence platform has announced new VoiceBox Automotive Software Development Kit (v5.0), now available for Windows, Linux and Android platforms and has also announced integration of its Voice AI into the INRIX Open Car platform. With VoiceBox’s Contextual Natural Language Understanding (CNLU) and Voice AI for the connected car, mobile, home and IoT markets, the SDK v5.0 will provide automotive companies a platform for in-car voice systems. VoiceBox’s INRIX integration will help automotive companies control their in-car experience through INRIX’s Open Car platform. INRIX is a SaaS and DaaS company which provides a variety of Internet services and mobile applications pertaining to road traffic and driver services.

What is the Voicebox Automotive SDK

The company claims that the Automotive SDK is the first of its kind to offer Deep Neural Networks (DNN) that enables the processing of complex, contextual conversations. It also offers the Voice AI technology that includes parallel hybrid processing with machine learning. This allows user queries to be simultaneously processed in both embedded and cloud systems to optimize the delivery of results.
“The new VoiceBox Platform is a reflection of our technology’s continuous evolution, and features the natural and personal VoiceBox AI experience by leveraging DNN processing, machine learning, and patented hybrid architecture,” says Rich Kennewick, President and Co-Founder, VoiceBox.

INRIX Open Car integration

Open Car claims to offer the automotive industry’s only standards-based application platform to leverage a rapidly expanding portfolio of brand-name automotive apps to create next-generation infotainment experiences. As automakers compete to establish unique, digital brand identities within their connected vehicles, Open Car’s framework and development environment empowers automakers to design, certify, distribute and manage apps and features for the life of the vehicle. Piggybacking on the need, VoiceBox is providing natural voice access to the broad set of Open Car infotainment applications. While optimizing access and ease of use, the AI-enhanced VoiceBox, claims that its solution has also been shown to minimize driver distraction.
“VoiceBox and INRIX share the goal of providing automotive OEMs the ability to support their brand with a customized system that they control, without ceding control of their customer relationship and data to technology providers the likes of Google and Apple. And now Open Car users can also benefit from our Voice AI technology,” says Mike Kennewick, CEO, VoiceBox.
With full integration of the VoiceBox Embedded Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine and the company’s patented context management, VoiceBox claims to offer auto makers a single solution for powering the next generation of in-car voice systems.
“We’re excited to see VoiceBox support the Open Car platform. Natural language voice technology is a great addition to the platform, and we believe OEMs will find this combination of capabilities very powerful and compelling,” says Jeff Payne, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Open Car at INRIX.
The next generation VoiceBox Platform addresses the industry’s need for a complete solution that provides the same capabilities of popular mobile solutions, but can be molded to differentiate each car company’s infotainment and connected car offering without ceding control of their customer relationship to technology providers like Apple or Google.

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