Volvo Dynafleet adds telematics to truck driving in Asia

To enable fleet businesses to capitalize Asian market’s growth opportunities, Volvo Trucks has introduced Dynafleet, an intelligent telematics system to give business owners an added advantage when it comes to fleet management. According to the company, Dynafleet optimises data-driven smart technology to update fleet-owners on their trucks and drivers while on the move. The technology allows businesses to achieve operational efficiencies, safety and fuel savings, and shows fleet-owners precisely which areas to improve in order to achieve better profitability and efficiency. “With each market at a different stage of development, Asia is still extremely diverse and has great potential for growth. Dynafleet is able to address varied business challenges that fleet owners today face; such as navigating traffic congestions in densely populated urban areas, and monitoring the performance of the truck and driver to improve overall operational profitability and efficiency,” said Lars Erik Forsbergh, Managing Director, Volvo Trucks Southeast Asia and Japan.
“At Volvo Trucks, we believe in developing technology as an enabler to address such real business needs. With features including tracking and fuel efficiency scoring, Dynafleet provides critical data that can mitigate operational complexities, identify areas for improvement and help drive long-term success.”

How will Dynafleet help?

Fuel efficiency: The company claims that in Asia, fuel efficiency is a major concern as it takes up 50% of the overall operational cost. Volvo Trucks estimates that fuel-efficient driving, when paired with an maintained truck, could potentially generate up to 10% savings over time. Dynafleet, provides fleet owners with the digital infrastructure and programs to actively support their fuel efficiency goals. The system’s Fuel Efficiency Score report gives fleet-owners an immediate overview on the fuel performance of their drivers and vehicles. The score will illustrate a particular driver’s and/or vehicle’s performance within four key areas: anticipating and braking, engine and gear utilisation, speed adaptation and standstill. With the report generated, drivers and fleet-owners alike will be able to identify which area they could potentially improve on for more fuel-efficient driving. Lower operational costs: A preventive maintenance programme can reduce wear and tear, bring down running costs and increase uptime. According to Volvo Trucks, Dynafleet helps fleet owners to easily collect data to analyse driving patterns and in turn, improve business efficiency. Automating the process with telematics reduces administrative human resources, and allows for a systematic and effective approach towards improved driver performance and vehicle utilisation which serves as an important factor in lowering operating costs. Drive greater productivity: As the region deals with traffic congestion, Dynafleet claims to drive greater productivity with its Positioning feature, which allows businesses to track a vehicle’s geographic location. Route planning is thus simplified and it is easier to find the fastest route to the destination. The telematics system also identifies trucks that are best suited for a new assignment based on their location. This optimizes resource allocation and business opportunities by making it easier to control, plan and adjust fleet operations, while ensuring that drivers’ hours are maximized for optimal performance.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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