With focus on enterprises, Contently acquires Docalytics

With a clear focus on enterprises, New York based content marketing platform provider, Contently, has acquired St Paul, Minnesota based, Docalytics, a marketing and sales analytics company, for an undisclosed amount. Integrating Docalytics into Contently will allow the latter’s customers to track engagement on downloadable content — PDF and other sales material — and get a deeper understanding of how well their content investment is paying off. Contently will combine its existing analytics suite with Docalytics Insight Engine which will provide the customers a centralized place for tracking, managing and optimizing content generation and performance. Contently thinks that enterprises will use content across every department, not just marketing. Joe Coleman, CEO, and Co-founder, Contently, wrote on his blog:
“We have clients using our platform to power high-level thought leadership content that supports brand awareness (PR), clients sharing bottom-funnel content to convert leads (sales), and clients using content to retain existing customers and help those customers succeed (account management). “Departments like HR, corporate comms, PR, and investor relations are using content to build relationships and meet business goals, and we’re building our technology to fill this need. “The Contently platform already supports sales teams that use content to build relationships, but we can do even more to help them use content as a tool. Docalytics is an important part of this sales enablement, as it helps track the success of content once it’s been downloaded or emailed.”
Docalytics’ will not be part of Contently and operate from the latter’s Midwest office, with a focus on growing the company’s engineering team and its Midwest sales efforts.

Key Features of Docalytics software

  • Ability to track downloadable content
  • Optimize lead capture forms
  • Integrate with marketing automation
  • CRM, and email marketing platforms

What does the acquisition mean to Contently clients

  • Key features added to the Contently platform, include the ability to track downloadable content, optimize lead capture forms, and integrate with marketing automation, CRM, and email marketing platforms
  • One centralized location for tracking, managing, and optimizing content production and performance
  • Understanding what content works to generate and convert more leads, helping both sales and marketing teams tie revenue directly to content
  • Flexible lead forms, which improve retention throughout the lead funnel and increase lead conversion rates
  • A larger product development team building and rolling out new features even faster than before.
“Contently Analytics has been a great tool for measuring and maximizing our lead generation,” said Adecco Group VP of Digital Marketing John Santangelo. “Understanding what content works is a critical part of B2B content strategy. We’re looking forward to utilizing Contently’s new measurement and optimization features to expand our business through content.”

Abhinav Mohapatra

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