With ScreenBeam project presentations on displays wirelessly

Sunnyvale, CA, based, broadband-powered solutions provider, Actiontec Electronics, has launched ScreenBeam Enterprise Edition, a device that allows to connect laptops, smartphones, and tablets, wirelessly to displays and projectors.

The company claims that the device is the first line of wireless display receivers designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of enterprise environments—supporting dual-band 802.11ac, enterprise-level security, BYOD, centralized IT management, and Intel Pro WiDi.

With ScreenBeam, users simply swipe to connect to displays, without the need for special adapters or proximity to the projector.

ScreenBeam Enterprise CMS

The device comes with an optional Central Management System (CMS), which enables remote provisioning, troubleshooting, and monitoring. IT managers can apply global policies, configure security settings, and update the firmware on thousands of devices spread across multiple sites from a central location.

CMS allows companies to scale out deployments while protecting their investment in devices and infrastructure by enabling simple firmware updates to accommodate new hardware and software. It’s critical for large and mid-sized deployments where IT cannot physically visit hundreds of conference rooms to service or provision devices in the field.

A company statement claims that MESA Public Schools, one of the largest unified school district in Arizona, deployed more than 3,600 ScreenBeam receivers throughout its schools using ScreenBeam CMS.

Dean Chang, CEO, Actiontec, said, “We believe that wireless display is the future for every conference room, meeting space, and collaboration area in the enterprise. It not only enables a new level of connectivity, but also conserves one of its most valuable resources: time. The minutes saved in each meeting—by connecting more efficiently and effectively—multiplied by all of a company’s meetings and employees equate to significant time savings returned to the enterprise.”

Abhinav Mohapatra

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