Workiva launches an evolved version of Wdesk data platform

Enterprise cloud solutions provider, Workiva, claims to have launched an evolved version of its Wdesk data platform. The company states that it provides solutions to improve productivity, accountability and insight in business data and that this expanded Wdesk release is one of the largest and fastest spreadsheets platforms in the cloud.

How does Wdesk work?

According to the company, Wdesk spreadsheets help users collaborate in real time with a formula editor that gives them greater insights and visibility for risk reduction and better decision making. Workiva claims that Wdesk modernizes how board reports, executive books, and other complex documents are reviewed, distributed, and analyzed. It also entails features such as data linking, control and audit trail. The expanded data platform also makes formulas much easier to read and edit, which helps customers improve calculations and data quality. Users can create, troubleshoot and interpret formulas faster and easier than with conventional formula editors. The fact that it makes every detail of all the formulas and their links visible, minimizes the risk of having an error in the formula, the company states.

New improvements

The company claims that the new data platform will allow users to increase the volume of data inside Wdesk. For example a user handling finances for an enterprise, will be able to sync trail balance into the platform and create summarized financial statements with linked, cross-sheet formulas. Though the expanded data platform has been made available to all Wdesk consumers, recent improvements also allow users to incorporate Wdesk earlier in their business process. For example, customers using old software will be able to export their trial balance into a larger spreadsheet and then manually enter properties to make sure it is grouped correctly, offering flexibility to play around with the data. Matt Rizai, Chairman and CEO of Workiva stated, “We are always innovating to make Wdesk better. Our data platform will continue to scale all of our Wdesk applications in the future. Wdesk customers – including National Health Investors, Northrim BanCorp, Raleigh Enterprises, RealPage, RSP Permian and TowneBank – are among the first to use the newest spreadsheet features.”

Abhinav Mohapatra

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