Workspace Productivity App Notion Hits $2 Billion Valuation In New Raise

This COVID-19 pandemic has proved either blessing or curse to tech startups around the world. One of the promising startups is Notion, a workspace productivity app based in San Francisco, which has raised $50 million from Index Ventures and other investors that valued it at $2 billion, the company told The New York Times. In the previous round, Notion had been valued at $800 million.

Notion is an all-in-one workspace productivity app where you can write, plan, collaborate with your teammates. Notion is also a very user-friendly app that allows you to take notes, add tasks, manage projects & more.

With more people working from home now, all productivity tools are in high demand. Employers are buying more applications now to organize and track employee’s work progress.

Notion has become a popular tool recently, and its customer base has increased significantly in recent weeks.

Founded in 2012, Notion now has more than four million users, which is quite an outstanding achievement for a company with about 40 employees. Notion platform allows users to create and schedule tasks, manage files, save documents, and set reminders, etc.

Notion pricing plans are also very competitive. It charges users a monthly subscription. Individual users can also choose to select a free plan and share it with up to 5 guests. Individual users can create unlimited pages & blocks with a free plan.

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