Wrike's new solution to channelize creative, marketing workflows

SaaS based work management and collaboration platform, Wrike has announced a customized solution for marketing and creative teams to channelize their workflow, Wrike for Marketers. The solution claims to enable marketing teams to create their journey as the administrative burden is taken care by Wrike. The solution supports the entire end-to-end workflow including Wrike Requests, Wrike’s Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud, and Proofing & Approval. Wrike Requests which was launched earlier this year that addresses the challenges workers face while starting, contributing or finishing multiple projects at once, is considered as one of the vital elements of this solution. It streamlines the work process quickly providing all the information accurately from the beginning. After that the user can gather the requirements and standardize team’s process to begin the work with a direction, the company states.

Wrike for Marketers enables the user to:

  • Ideate & Plan: Assign and schedule work easily when you begin with a clear creative brief
  • Create & Perfect: Wrike’s extension for Adobe Creative Cloud places Wrike’s most important features into the Adobe tools you use everyday
  • Review & Approve: Keep productivity flowing with faster review & approvals on digital images and documents
  • Launch & Report: Track performance with real-time Reports
Wrike for Marketers According to Wrike, this extension carries useful features of Wrike into Adobe CC. The extension made to Photoshop and Illustrator, allows the user to find a Wrike task, view a creative brief, add comments and even mark tasks complete. Moreover, the user can upload the finished work into Wrike and then update avoiding conversion and save it locally. The company states that it is easy to put all the information in one creative place and all stakeholders get the up-to-date information with this new tool. For the review process, Wrike claims that its Proofing and Approval keeps the productivity and creativity flowing with faster reviews and approvals of digital images and documents. Wrike claims that Proofing enables the team to add comments to a specific area of a digital image or document. All the user need to do is open the image in Wrike, click to the area to put comment and start typing. On the other hand Approvals organizes and brings transparency to the entire review process while keeping everyone accountable.

Abhinav Mohapatra

An author who has a keen interest for the ‘off-beat’ <!--more-->An author who has a keen interest for the ‘off-beat’, he has covered and explored multiple facets of the marketing, advertising

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