Yphi launches Fortiphi a mobile app as a tool to protect IoT

IoT company, Yphi, has launched ‘Fortiphi‘, a mobile application that connects, controls and protects Internet of Things(IoT) in homes and small businesses from hacking. It is company’s first mobile application designed to protect home and SBM IoT network from being hacked through WiFi devices. Yphi, targeted at SMBs, was started by Chris Lundwall in 2015. It designs mobile applications that economically and intuitively put IoT devices to work for consumers and SMB. It uses open source firmware integrated with branded hardware that is globally scalable, device agnostic and on both iOS and Android app stores. Speaking on the needs of the consumers, Chris Lundwall, CEO, Yphi stated that today the market is pleading for a simple, affordable and effective way to connect, control and protect the IoT world after suffering from the recent hacks on consumer and corporate networks through IoT devices.
“Cyber crime is evolving and ramping. Hackers use new consumer devices to ransom consumers and attack companies. It’s safe and lucrative. If a bad guy locks your home computer through your vulnerable WiFi devices and demands $250 in bitcoins to unlock it, you pay it. You need your life back.” Lundwall said.

The newly launched ‘Fortiphi’

Fortiphi is a powerful mobile application that leads to network connectivity and management. It operates on routers that have open source firmware called DD-WRT, DD-WRT NXT or OpenWRT. Customers without such routers can purchase them from Linksys, ASUS, Buffalo or select the Fortiphi annual subscription promotion that includes a Fortiphi’d router. Chris Lundwell, who believes in surviving the IoT tidal wave described his newly- launched product as simple, relevant and easy to use.
“Our product is simple & relevant. Fortiphi helps Android and iOS consumers to connect, control and protect their IoT networks” added Lundwall.
The product has auto-quarantine feature that quarantines devices when an unauthorized attempt to connect occurs, and notifies the customer. Consumers can release the quarantine, or retain the quarantine until they identify the intention of the connection. The consumers can use this app in Android, iOS, phones and tablets.

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