Zoho gamifies CRM, adds fun to sales team competition

Online productivity, collaboration and business applications developer, Zoho is adding some fun into the competition within the sales team. Targets and processes have been gamified with the launch of Zoho Motivator, which exclusively works with Zoho CRM.

Motivator uses contests, scorecards, and leaderboards to help salespeople maximize revenues and help increase team engagement.

“Sales is about numbers, and driving desired behavior in salespeople is instrumental to achieve them,” said Raju Vegesna, chief evangelist of Zoho. “Sales teams often focus squarely on targets and neglect the practices that lets them achieve those targets. Zoho Motivator not only increases revenue by driving desired behavior and improving the sales process, but also makes sure salespeople have fun while they’re at it.”

There’s a five-user free plan to start with, and the fully-featured plans range from $60/month for five users, billed annually, to $200/month for 25 users, billed annually.

KPIs and Dashboards

Sales managers can define various criteria or KPIs like leads generated or potentials created, and track performance in real time. They can also customize dashboards and analyze data on these criteria to identify areas of improvement.

Insights: Pipeline Velocity and Pipeline Stages

Pipeline Velocity indicates how quickly opportunities are moving through the sales pipeline on their way to becoming won deals. Pipeline Stages provides insights about bottlenecks in the sales pipeline.

Define desired sales practices

The process is as important as the outcome. Managers can drive desired behavior in salespeople by setting targets like “Making all client calls by noon” or “Meeting prospects every week”. Revenue happens when sales teams follow the appropriate sales activities and methodology. Zoho Motivator allows sales managers to focus not just on the outcome, but also the process.

Real-Time Scorecards

The right feedback at the right time helps in improving sales processes. Salespeople can have access to a real-time report of their current sales contest using scorecards. A high performing individual can be paired with a low performing individual and work together as a team — this way everyone is motivated to perform better.

Motivator TV: Drives awareness and engagement

Cultivate motivation through recognition. Sales victories and contest winners can be showcased on big-screen TVs for better team motivation and engagement. Zoho Motivator also provides a convenient on-screen ticker that displays real-time notifications to the sales team — so everyone knows how they are doing in the current contest or sales period.

Contests and Leaderboards

Contests do more than just motivate individuals. They provide the opportunity to work together as a team and break the tediousness of everyday tasks while fostering healthy competition. Leaderboards are concise dynamic scoreboards to showcase rankings among contestants.

Zoho Motivator complements Zoho CRM and helps users get the most out of it. Users will need a Zoho CRM account in order to reap the benefits of Zoho Motivator. All basic CRM data like leads, potentials, etc is automatically synced from their CRM account the moment they sign up for Zoho Motivator.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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