New Zoho Connect merges social and integrated productivity tools

Enterprise software company, Zoho, has launched a new version of its team collaboration software, Zoho Connect. According to the company, the user interface has been redesigned around greater efficiency and organization. The company states to have added new features like Manuals, Boards, and Forums, which will help teams create their own knowledge base, manage their work plans from a centralized space, and crowd source solutions from the entire organization.
“Today, consumers are empowered with better tools than business users when it comes to communication and collaboration. When business users are presented with familiar social tools in their context, the productivity at the individual level and more importantly at the team level explodes. With Zoho Connect, we have merged the familiarity of social tools with contextually integrated productivity tools,” said Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist, Zoho.

New offerings

Manuals: Teams can use Manuals to build a searchable knowledge base. Employee handbooks, company policies and procedures and other team documentation can be organized as manuals. With granular permissions, teams can get complete control on who can access and contribute to a manual. Forums: Teams can use Forums to create and share internal newsletters, conduct company-wide discussions, and foster solutions from in the organization. All forum discussions are fully searchable and accessible to everyone in the network. Forums helps keep discussions focused and provide more context by letting teams create categories to group relevant discussions together. Boards: Teams can use Boards to plan and execute work on Zoho Connect, while gaining an overall perspective of what everyone is working on. Teams can divide work into sections, assign tasks, set priority levels, and start relevant conversations within the board. From the finer details to the entire plan, teams can track work and deliver results.


According to Zoho, enterprises can save time by using app integrations to bring all of their applications together in one place. The application can integrate with MailChimp, GitHub, Trello, among others so that teams can be updated on the progress of their marketing campaigns, be informed about changes made to their code repository, and track their work and team projects without switching tabs. Connect comes with an updated user interface which has a fresh look and feel. A new menu has been added to provide easy access to built-in apps and conversations are now more intuitively organized, helping teams switch between private messages, mentions, group mentions, and bookmarks. The company has made connect generally available online with an iOS and Android launch in the pipeline. Zoho has extended its free version to NGOs and Educational institutions as well as individuals that comes with 10GB of shared storage, and lets users onboard their entire organizations, regardless of size . It also offers flexible paid Plans for different sized teams, starting from INR 2,100 ($32.4 approx.) per month.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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