Zyme extends Qlik partnership, adds Sense platform integration

Cloud-based data platform Zyme, that offers channel data management (CDM), has signed a partnership with Qlik, that provides data visualization services and analytics. According to the agreement, Zyme will leverage Qlik’s Sense platform to extend data visualization tools to its customers. This could aid users, actionable business intelligence through visualizations that claims to capture channel sales performance, inventory levels and e-commerce trends. However the association between both the companies is seven years old. Zyme’s cloud-based CDM platform already uses the Qlik visual Analytics platform to deliver prebuilt dashboards for analytics and critical insights to users. Accordingly, Zyme cloud platform 3.0 that claims to provide companies data to fully understand their indirect sales channels, also integrates Qlik’s visual analytics solutions. For the record, Zyme launched its cloud platform 3.0 , earlier in July, to help global B2B and B2C enterprises monitor and optimize the performance of their distribution channels through business intelligence. Scott Safe, Vice President, Alliance and Channel sales, Qlik, said:
“With its powerful data visualization and discovery capabilities, Qlik Sense provides users with powerful insights into their business. The integration of Qlik Sense with zyme cloud platform 3.0 now allows users to take action based on these insights, updating plans and forecasts, and reallocating resources to capitalize on new business opportunities.”
Additionally, the Qlik Sense platform comes in three editions namely, Qlik Sense Desktop for individuals, that comes with a free data visualization tool for anyone to use on a personal computer; Qlik Sense Enterprise for organizations that reportedly lets users build custom apps, embed visuals and support the entire spectrum of business operations, and Qlik Sense Cloud for secure hosting that vouches to create and interact with Qlik Sense apps privately on any device via secure Qlik hosting. Apart from Sense, Qlik also packs features like View that apparently comes with guided analytics applications for business-ready solutions.

Joint solutions include:

According to the terms of the deal, the newest synergy also enlists an array of cloud-based business intelligence solutions for clients.
  • zapGlobal – Provides insight into global and regional channel sales and inventory stock with an unified view.
  • zapRetail – Delivers store-level visibility so that users can compare performance trends across major retailers as well as track inventory and returns at a retailer level.
  • zapMobile -Brings the same business intelligence to mobile phones and tablets, giving channel executives insight into partner performance on the go.
  • zymeEcommerce -Addresses companies’ increased focus on omni-channel sales. The integrated analytics functions help customers gain a competitive advantage by displaying online product visibility metrics, such as search rank and reviews, tracked against competitors’ products in the same categories.
Mukund Ramaratnam, Vice President, Strategic Sales, Zyme, said:
“Qlik’s platform helps unlock the power of channel data by making it accessible and understandable to a wide audience. The ability to develop data visualizations once and achieve perfect rendering on laptops, tablets or smartphones helps us deliver greater value faster.”
“We also look forward to leveraging Qlik’s self-service capabilities to bring more value to customers,” Ramaratnam added. Headquartered in Redwood Shores, CA, Zyme has offices in India, Texas, China and the UK. It also vouches to serve a client roster with names like Amazon, Fujitsu, Microsoft and Symantec.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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