Accenture opens studio that will help companies build custom apps

Consultancy provider, Accenture, has opened an app studio in the heart of Silicon Valley — in Redwood City, California, to be precise — that will help businesses accelerate application development. Dubbed as Liquid Application Studio, it will partner with companies to prototype and develop a wide range of custom applications using cloud infrastructure and platforms. Clients can also experiment with emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things and wearables.
Bhaskar Ghosh Accenture
Bhaskar Ghosh
Bhaskar Ghosh, group chief executive, Accenture Technology Services, stated, “In every industry, new competitive frontiers are being defined by software. Business cycle times are shrinking and competitive barriers are disappearing. Speed to market is the new essence of software delivery in the digital world. The Liquid Application Studio can help deliver innovative solutions to businesses with speed and agility.” According to Accenture, every enterprise needs three applications strategy, that is, Liquid, Intelligent and Connected and the studio aims at catering on Accenture’s ‘Future of Applications‘ vision. It believes that today’s world is increasingly high velocity and software driven. Thus the studio has been designed for application development that will help companies become “built for change through new skills, processes, products and ways of working.”

How will the studio work?

  • Speed: Immerse the team in rapid development principles such as DevOps and lean engineering to automate and accelerate delivery, while improving quality.
  • Experimentation: Embrace experimentation and a fail-fast style of development to produce better products and services, faster.
  • Reusability: Quickly assemble new applications using an existing ecosystem of reusable services and standard APIs to increase operational efficiency and transform customer experiences.
  • Culture: Work along-side with highly-skilled studio residents to apply emerging technologies from the lab and start up community into development to address business challenges.

Benefits of the studio

As the Accenture Liquid Application Studio is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, it would lead to rapid application development.
  • Innovation and Design thinking workshops: Ideate with studio residents
  • Emerging Tech experimentation and Prototyping: Accelerate solutions for the Internet of Things and Wearables
  • Rapid Application Development: Build applications in days using liquid architecture principles, cloud infrastructure and modern delivery methods.
  • Product and Platform Engineering: End to end services to launch, scale and operate software products and platforms.
  • Application Modernization: Bring existing applications onto new architecture platforms and migrate to cloud.
  • Architecture Assessment: Assess and create a roadmap to modernize architecture.
  • Cloud Migration: Migrate applications and infrastructure to PaaS, IaaS or a virtualized infrastructure.
  • Intelligent Automation: Apply robotic processes automation, analytics and artificial intelligence to dramatically reduce cycle time.
The studio also offers modernization and migration services to help companies make legacy systems future ready for the digital world. It applies intelligent automation to testing and other phases of delivery, to help cut the cycle time from weeks or months down to days. It is also developing use cases and prototypes for improving retail logistics with location services from Glympse, and helping hospitality companies improve guest experiences and venue operations by using VenueNext’s time and location based technology platform to deliver in-venue mobile ordering services and content.

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