Actility's business accelerator to fast-track IoT solutions

French IoT startup Actility announced the launch of the “ThingPark Approved” programme, welcoming its first partners to obtain the ThingPark Approved status. According to the company, the new Programme offers a complete business accelerator to fast-track IoT solutions to the market. Covering the solution spectrum from sensors and modules to gateways and ultimately applications, ThingPark Approved products claim to “ensure interoperability within an end to end solution.” With the new launch, the company states that ThingPark partners can connect and test their products and achieve ThingPark Approved status, interact with other solution providers in the ThingPark ecosystem, and then market and sell their solutions in the ThingPark MarketPlace. “One of the key challenges in making the IoT a global reality is to simplify the process of creating and deploying end to end solutions. Even today, there are thousands of potential solution components from hundreds of suppliers, the ecosystem is exploding. Open standards and certification programmes have a key role to play, but they address specific technology requirements,” said Christophe Francois, Vice-President, Actility Ecosystem.
ThingPark Approved is a business enabler, not a certification programme. It allows partners in our ecosystem to feel confident that they can rely on interoperability with any other product or service found in the ThingPark Marketplace.
Actility further explains that the straightforward process will be managed through the ThingPark Partner website. ThingPark Approved partners will have opportunities to participate in co-marketing activity, and all will be able to display the ThingPark Approved logo on their products, collateral and web-sites.
“The launch of the ThingPark Approved programme clearly demonstrates the growing maturity of the ThingPark ecosystem. We’re delighted that such a diverse group of partners have stepped up to launch the programme and take advantage of the go-to-market acceleration that it delivers,” said Mike Mulica, CEO, Actility.
The launch is the latest step in the development of Actility’s ThingPark IoT solutions platform. Alongside ThingPark Marketplace, it also comprises of the ThingPark Wireless LPWA network, and ThingPark Mash-up, an open API data mediation platform. The company revealed that the ThingPark Partner web-site will be open for business early August, after completing its pilot phase.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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