Alibaba signs MoU to boost Singapore’s data-driven capabilities

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, the National University of Singapore (NUS), and EZ-Link, a Singapore-based issuer of contactless smart card for public transportation, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate and boost Singapore’s smart computing and data-driven capabilities. The collaboration between the three organizations is aimed to bolster the University’s data science curriculum and pave the way for a pilot data analytics project with EZ-Link. It will also help build local IT skill sets, meet enterprise demands and support the research and development of advanced technologies in the Big Data era.
“Singapore has been a pioneer in fostering innovation and technological disruption in Asia, and we are proud to contribute to the nation’s development through our partnership with NUS and EZ-Link. By leveraging the expertise of academia, the government and enterprises, we intend to raise the bar in nurturing talent, business and communities to reach new frontiers of the digital economy,” said Ethan Yu, Vice President, Alibaba Group and General Manager, Alibaba Cloud Global.
Alibaba Cloud will contribute $500,000 in cloud credits towards the use of its cloud platform and data centers by students and researchers from NUS for academic and research purposes. IT experts from Alibaba Cloud will also offer hands-on lessons on the use of Alibaba Cloud’s platform for NUS staff and students. In addition, Alibaba Cloud and NUS will collaborate in the areas of cloud computing, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, quantum computing, and interactive digital media, as well as identifying opportunities for joint research projects and information exchange. “NUS contributes to Singapore’s vision of becoming a digital economy through our University’s strengths – creating value through fundamental and applied research, and training the next generation of digital talent,” said Ho Teck Hua, Deputy President, NUS (Research & Technology).
“By working with Alibaba Cloud, a global cloud leader, we can tap into its extensive ecosystem and technology capabilities for these efforts. The partnership with Alibaba Cloud and EZ-Link further demonstrates the close collaboration between academia and industry in solving real-world problems, and will help contribute towards a future, cashless Singapore,” Hua added.
Alibaba MoU
(From left to right) Ethan Yu, Vice President, Alibaba Group and General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Global, Ho Teck Hua, Deputy President (Research & Technology) NUS, and Nicholas Lee, CEO, EZ-Link
The collaboration is aimed to provide a platform for all three organizations to work collectively on harnessing data and translating it into ready-to-implement solutions which positively impact Singaporeans and businesses. Alibaba Cloud and NUS are currently working with EZ-Link to analyze card usage patterns across the EZ-Link card schemes, service touch points, and customer segments to improve customer experience and create better services via real-time insights. According to Nicholas Lee, Chief Executive Officer of EZ-Link, the MoU signing with Alibaba Cloud and NUS is a momentous step for EZ-Link, demonstrating its commitment to embrace the power of data analytics to drive next-generation cashless possibilities for our customers. “Alibaba Cloud’s global technological prowess, NUS’ growing digital know-how and EZ-Link’s cashless expertise will provide a robust framework to convert usage pattern data into actionable intelligence. It will move our customers into an era whereby they will be served according to their behavior, interests and needs,” he said.

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