Astea International and Cumulocity tie up for IoT solutions

To provide the most advanced and end-to-end service management solution, Astea International, provider of service management and mobile workforce solutions has tied up with IoT software and solutions provider Cumulocity. The collaboration will help enterprises to offer new business models, shift from being reactive to proactive to predictive, increase revenues, and ultimately elevate customer satisfaction and retention levels.

Rationale behind the tie-up

Companies now days have to prove their excellence when it comes to servicing. As the demand for service delivery grows both in volume and competition, companies require an end-to-end solution that will help them deliver results. The availability of low-cost sensors, higher-bandwidth wireless networks, more robust batteries, cloud computing infrastructure, location-awareness technology, and analytics will move the traditional service delivery model beyond the simple alert-dispatch-repair applications to a more proactive, predictive outcomes-based service model.

With the connected, end-to-end solution, enterprises can service organizations to immediately leverage the latest technology advancements to more accurately predict equipment failures, create usage-based maintenance schedules, reduce the number of truck rolls, improve inventory utilization, and meet greater service level agreement (SLA) commitments with fewer resources.

Deb Geiger, VP Global Marketing, Astea International, says, “Customers are demanding greater responsiveness, improved first-time fix rates, and guaranteed equipment uptime. These are areas where service organizations are competing to retain and grow business. The next generation of service delivery will be more proactive/predictive instead of primarily reactive. Simply adding more data is not necessarily beneficial and can be somewhat overwhelming for many organizations. In order to leverage IoT technology, service organizations must marry that connectivity with robust service solutions and analytics. The data has to be accessed and processed in a useful and meaningful way by leveraging solutions that can combine data from connected devices with other valuable data sources in order to provide a higher level of intelligent automation via filters, triggers, workflows, alerts, and insights.”

Benefits of the tie-up

The Astea and Cumulocity tie-up ensures a significant cost lowering as technicians on field and in the call centers have the information they need to rapidly identify and resolve problems on the first contact. There is greater customer satisfaction and retention as proactive problem detection often resolves issues before they affect the customer, dramatically increasing product uptime. This is also due to the technicians having the information they need, available, real-time. Eventually both cost lowering and customer satisfaction will lead to an increase in service revenue. Rapid resolution and superior on-demand customer service drive opportunities for increased revenue through new service offerings and business models.

“We are excited to be working with Astea as their strategic partner for IoT. With this integration, enterprise service organizations will be able to take advantage of real-time information provided by their assets in the field in ways that will improve service, reduce costs, and create new service revenue opportunities and differentiated offerings,” says Jari Salminen, Managing Director, Cumulocity.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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