Software AG, Cumulocity ink IoT deal for enterprises

Enterprise software company, Software AG has inked an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partnership with Cumulocity– a cloud based technology platform that offers hardware, software and extensive device management services– in an Internet of Things (IoT) pact to offer solutions to enterprises in implementing new IoT business models. The partnership will result into the expansion of Software AG’s Digital Business Platform for enterprises to securely integrate, link and scale to a network of millions of connected devices, according to the company. The collaboration could potentially aid and help remote machine monitoring and control, production diagnostics, predictive maintenance and remote service across markets. The collaboration claims to provide cloud-ready end-to-end IoT platform by integrating Cumulocity’s device connectivity and management product. The integration platform apparently removes the guesswork from product development by collecting data about how products function, as well as how they are actually used. For example, by continuously analyzing equipment sensor data in real-time via machine monitoring, operators can determine equipment condition and understand when maintenance will be required. Wolfram Jost, CTO, Software AG, said:
This strategic OEM partnership combines Software AG’s strength in streaming analytics and integration along with Cumulocity’s device integration. It is now possible to bring together operational technology and integrate it with an enterprise’s IT systems (i.e., CRM, ERP, BI, etc) translating the streaming IoT data into meaningful, actionable information.
SoftwareAG’s Streaming Analytics Platform, Apama, that supports predictive analysis, gives businesses the ability to respond appropriately and accurately to insights in real time, which are delivered from sensors, mobile devices, financial exchanges and social media. Reportedly, it is built for data streams (Big Data) generated by IoT and involves insights into operational visualization, dynamic product pricing, fraud detection and prevention, IoT data analysis, customer promotion triggering, location-based asset optimization, continuous risk and compliance monitoring. Cumulocity   Bernd Gross, CEO, Cumulocity, also stated, “We are excited to be selected as a strategic partner with Software AG. We believe that the Software AG and Cumulocity relationship will further help enable the Internet of Things for our industrial customers.”
“The powerful capabilities of Software AG’s Digital Business Platform plus Cumulocity’s ability to tap into sensor data will allow enterprises to create new business models, generate incremental revenue and optimize their operations,” Gross added.
The deal can be seen as a subsequent step to the year-long relationship Software AG and Cumulocity share through the demand of joint customers across industries such as insurance, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail and utilities. “Cumulocity brings us the gravitas and leading-edge IoT device integration that, when used with the Digital Business platform, provide an effective go-to-market IoT foundation,” Jost concluded. Earlier, in July, Software AG shook hands with MDI, a communications technology solutions provider , to offer competencies based on systems integration and multi-functional digital platforms in Philippines.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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