Box acquires analytics startup Wagon, aims to offer data insights

Content management company Box, has announced an acquisition of data and analytics startup Wagon in order to build an analytics platform. According to the company, this platform will provide deeper insights that will help customers make the maximum use of Box to understand and interpret the content in a better way. The financial details were not disclosed. Box claims that it helps enterprises do more with their content and has also developed enterprise reporting capabilities, end user’s ability, APIs to enable its partners to get connected to Box for advance reporting. For that matter Box, has come up with Shuttle a content migration service to move data quickly in June 2016. Box also tied up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Cloud to create Box Zones, giving enterprises the choice to store data regionally. Founded in 2014, Wagon claims to have helped enterprises collaborate on data analysis and also helped SQL (Structured Query language) savvy people use Wagon to understand their data. Wagon team has built technology that helps provide a simple way to create, visualize and share data analysis. In a blogpost Aaron Levie, CEO Box mentioned, “Looking ahead, exposing insights that enable our customers to quickly monitor, measure and interpret data about Box usage is a big part of how we’re thinking about our evolution.”
Working together with the Wagon team, we’re excited to advance our mission of changing the way people work. This is why today we’re doubling down on building more advanced insights into Box by announcing that the team from Wagon Analytics will be joining Box to help accelerate our innovation in analytics.
  According to the company, the Wagon team will be engaging itself on developing new products at Box and will be shutting down the current Wagon product on October 3rd, 2016. After that Wagon will be deleting all data and user accounts keeping the security concern at the center. The company assures that no information will be shared with any third party. The Wagon team said that joining Box is a big move for the company that will make its offerings available to a far larger customer base.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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