CloudGenix introduces new SD-WAN platform for virtualizing remote office

Software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) provider, CloudGenix today announced the Instant On (ION) 3000v, an SD-WAN platform for virtualizing the remote office. ION 3000v is an application-defined fabric that allows enterprises to deploy applications anywhere based on App-SLAs (Service-level Agreement), enforcing security, performance and compliance requirements. According to the company, CloudGenix ION was first designed to simplify how WANs are designed and managed, enabling customers to build “networks without networking,” and achieve more than twice the performance at a nominal cost. This, in turn, helped in achieving a faster time-to-value, once deployed, and extended data center-class security to the network edge. The company states that ION 3000v establishes a new defense-in-depth security model for direct cloud access from the remote office, extending application policies across the hybrid cloud. “Enterprises face multiple issues with legacy hardware models for the remote office. Innovation is held hostage to depreciation cycles — multiple pieces of hardware to maintain, complex routing protocols to manage, and inability to deploy best-of-breed solutions,” said Kumar Ramachandran, Founder and CEO, CloudGenix.
With our application-defined fabric, enterprises are no longer hostage to their hardware vendors, and have the freedom to deploy their applications anywhere, enhancing both application performance and security posture.
The California-based company explains that modern applications, including cloud and collaboration apps, impose new requirements on the WAN. According to Microsoft’s guidelines for Office 365 adoption, enterprises should plan for up to 4X increase in WAN bandwidth, and enable direct-to-cloud access from the remote office to avoid sub-optimal performance. The WAN, according to CloudGenix, must support rich experiences offered by modern applications — rich media, collaboration apps, voice apps — all of which can reside in the data center or in the cloud, and put enormous strains on WAN design and the security architecture. By moving cloud access directly to the remote office, the CloudGenix application-defined fabric aims to create a secondary security perimeter, ensuring that only “white listed” applications are allowed to leave the remote office directly and that malicious traffic is prevented from entering the branch.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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