Infographic: 8 data security tips for small businesses

Data Security has become one of the hottest issues that are surrounding the news nowadays. But what is more surprising is that small businesses, in particular, are fast becoming the favored targets of digital attackers. In fact, the latest Government Security Breaches Survey revealed that 74% of small organizations reported a security breach in 2015. Having said that, it is quite certain that the cyber-criminals from 10 years ago are not only hacking into computers for the sole purpose of showing off, but rather are getting on their way to gain access to valuable business data — such as customer contact information and credit card accounts — in which they can use to distribute malicious software, or worst, gain illicit access to financial accounts of the business and customers. If you’re successful in your own small business, don’t rest on your laurels and take proactive measures to mitigate the said data security risk posed by hackers. Join us in as we’ve gathered up the top eight security tips to strengthen the security of your business data, giving you the peace of mind that you truly deserve. data security tips The article was originally published here.

David Younger

David Younger is CEO and Managing Director at <a href="">The Service Manager</a> <!--more--> David Younger is CEO and Managing Director at <a href="http://www.theserv

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