Elastic Path announces enterprise commerce platform for AWS Cloud

Elastic Path Software announced enterprise commerce platform Elastic Path Commerce Cloud for AWS, which claims to offer all the functionality of an on-premise platform. According to the company, Elastic Path Commerce Cloud for AWS is built for the future of commerce. It makes all the functionality of their API-based commerce platform available in a single-tenant, public cloud solution, offering companies the flexibility and agility to create brand-defining commerce solutions.
“Pairing Elastic Path’s capacity for limitless commerce with the scalable and reliable computing capacity of AWS ushers in a whole new level of excitement for companies looking to run instead of walk toward consistently brilliant customer experiences,” said Peter Lukomskyj, Vice President, Products at Elastic Path.
The company believes that Elastic Path Commerce Cloud for AWS makes environment set-up a breeze, reducing time-to-environment from weeks down to a few hours. The application creates a native AWS environment leveraging AWS cloud services including databases, networking, container services and load balancers. “Many companies are still honing their mobile commerce strategies but the coming Commerce of Things will mean that the number of touchpoints and transactions our large enterprise customers handle will increase exponentially. We built Elastic Path Commerce to future-proof for this scenario and AWS is the perfect platform,” added Lukomskyj. Elastic Path Commerce Cloud for AWS can be managed internally by an enterprise IT team or by an Elastic Path partner.

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud for AWS allows companies to:

  • Write once and publish to any touchpoint
  • Use any content management system and any front-end
  • Take advantage of any third-party app
  • Leverage any legacy systems
  • Create any customizations for brand-defining customer experiences
  • Expand quickly to any geography
  • Choose any managed hosting company

Kanchana Arandhara

I am a copy editor who envisions writing as a medium to reach the masses. After working on a variety of domains that also included hard news and start-ups, I now want to explore the ambit of the tech

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