Emarsys launches mobile suite to target m-commerce market

Austria based cloud software provider, Emarsys, has launched a mobile-focused suite to “enhance mobile app engagement and customer retention.” It aims at optimizing customer journey and experience and is powered by its B2C Marketing cloud. These new array of tools feature Mobile Engage for retailers and brands. It is a platform that, Emarsys believes, maximizes customer value and retains customer engagement by collecting and merging customer data for enterprises in a single unified profile. It later transforms the raw data to information with self-learning algorithms that analyses and reveals insights. It also creates automated messages as responses throughout the entire customer lifecycle. It enables users to orchestrate their email, SMS, push notifications, social and offline with an interactive dashboard that provides detailed information to monitor different aspects of marketing performance and engage customers. Benjamin Glynn, Managing Director, Emarsys, said:
“A mobile strategy will be crucial for marketers who want to engage audiences in the Southeast Asia region. Through insights gathered from mobile apps, marketers can better understand their customers and thereby have more personal interactions with push and in-app messages. Emarsys’ push to mobile is in line with mobile usage habits of Southeast Asians, ensuring that businesses can target consumers where they are most active their mobile devices.”

Emarsys mobile suite enables marketers to:

  • Create, test, and deploy push and in-app messages to iOS and Android devices within cross-channel automation programs or on-the-fly to your most engaged users. The Mobile Engage Software Development Kit (SDK) extends the Emarsys unified customer profile with mobile app data and enhances the customer profile with user-level insights including product affinity and mobile purchase behavior.
  • Mobile Engage provides marketers the ability to send well-timed push notifications based on the mobile user’s product preferences and in their preferred language. Overall performance statistics including app installs, monthly active users and overall message open and delivery rates are also included.
  • Help companies reach global audience with marketing and transactional SMS messages. With easy deployment, SMS can be included in any digital marketing strategy. Marketers can create and execute contact acquisition campaigns using SMS keywords, email capture SMS programs or integrate SMS opt-in into any web form. Smart SMS makes international SMS marketing easy with tools that estimate the cost of messaging across multiple countries and reduce messaging cost by filtering out invalid mobile phone numbers.
  • Also sends mobile push notifications to users who are currently in a specific geo-location. This new functionality allows mobile marketers to segment mobile audiences using the contact level attribute location.
The company claims that its mobile marketing features are available with Emarsys channel applications Mobile Engage and SMS solution which works with the its Automation Center, Smart Insight and Predict resources. The company also states that it will continue to build additional features and expand its mobile capabilities into emerging mobile channels such as Over the Top (OTT).

Abhinav Mohapatra

An author who has a keen interest for the ‘off-beat’ <!--more-->An author who has a keen interest for the ‘off-beat’, he has covered and explored multiple facets of the marketing, advertising

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