EVVO launches Security Operations Centre in Singapore

EVVO Cybersecurity, a Singapore cybersecurity vendor and cloud solutions provider, today announced the launch of a Security Operations Centre (SOC) to extend cybersecurity services to SMEs. The company claims that this would be the “first SOC in Singapore to leverage automation software.” According to EVVO, the new SOC will leverage automation software level one tasks for security analysts such as assigning automated, playbook-based workflows to incidents for immediate and scalable response. This will also enable the company to increase productivity and accuracy enabling them to track and improve processes over time. “Within security operations, many tasks take up additional time and a large volume of events are processed everyday,” said Edmund How, MD, EVVO Cybersecurity.
By automating our Security Operations Centre (SOC), we not only optimize costs and reduce reliance on manpower, but also dedicate more time to customize security protection for our customers.
The company explains that the SOC will function as EVVO Cybersecurity’s threat defence and mitigation facility, catering to SMEs, empowering them to go beyond the traditional SOC functions of merely monitoring perimeter security. By integrating the cybersecurity analytics platform EVVO360 and a suite of cybersecurity intelligence solutions, the company aims to provide customers with a 360-degree view of all the endpoints and network traffic across the organisation. This, the company believes, will greatly enhance the ability of organisations to detect, response and recover from incidents of compromise.
“As a result of our interaction with customers, we wanted to offer customers a security platform designed for SMEs, with a stronger focus beyond perimeter security providing customers with a platform where endpoints data and network traffic can be correlated rapidly to reduce the time to detect cybersecurity incidents,” said How.
With this solution, EVVO claims that it can offer thorough monitoring of digital infrastructure, with round the clock log collection, analysis, active monitoring and alerting.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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