Field technicians to use AR for knowing scope of work before stepping out

Cloud-based field service and workforce management software provider, Coresystems, has partnered with AR-powered video communications platform, SightCall, to bring the augmented reality (AR) functionalities of SightCall’s Video Assistance to Coresystems’ field service solution. According to the company the partnership will help field technicians leverage augmented remote guidance from offsite experts.


Coresystems claims that due to the growth of IoT, field operatives need more technological expertise to meet the expectations of their customers. Fewer agents are able to meet demands of complex issues which leads to longer travel times for each technician. The company states that IoT accelerates customers’ awareness to service needs and maintenance, this in turn exacerbates the wait time between issue detection and resolution. Both companies have come together to tackle this challenge.


According to the partnership, the integration of both technologies will help service technicians determine the root cause of the issue without the need of phone calls or service ticket details. Through this integration, technicians will be able to use augmented video assistance in a comprehensive field service management platform to better understand the scope of work before going into the field, thus improving first time fix rates and decreasing onsite visit duration. “The real-time connectivity of the IoT in a mobile first world has conditioned customers to expect faster service than ever before, putting pressure on technicians who rely on traditional service methods for issue detection, such as phone calls and/or service tickets,” said Thomas Cottereau, CEO, SightCall.
“Our partnership with Coresystems aligns perfectly with our solutions, as the coupling of our AR-powered Video Assistance with Coresystems’ crowdsourcing FSM platform provides enterprises and consumers with a rich service experience the moment they need it.”


  • Pre-service review: SightCall’s video assistance applies from the beginning of the service request process, and the customer can connect with the technician via video through the Coresystems platform to determine the issue to be resolved. The technician can then use the video assistance to determine the scope of work, the tools needed for repair and how much time will be needed for the project.
  • On-site support: For more technically complicated issues, on-site technicians can bring in support from off-site experts using SightCall’s Video Assistance in Coresystems’ platform. An SMS link will give the off-site experts direct access to interact with the on-site technician’s camera screen, which will allow them to provide on-screen assistance with zoom, remote annotations, HD pictures and live pointer features.
  • Post-work verification, assistance and training: Technicians can review recorded SightCall Video Assistance inspections for validation, maintenance and remote diagnosis in Coresystems’ platform. The remote assistance capabilities drive efficiency in training processes as well, claiming to reduce travel costs for remote experts and providing a robust, interactive training experience for technicians.
“Two key drivers for an optimal field service experience are first-time fix rate and duration of on-site visits. The Coresystems-SightCall integration uses the latest advancements in video and augmented reality functionalities to set the standard for those two criteria,” said Manuel Grenacher, CEO, Coresystems.
“Customers can expect faster issue detection and problem resolution from start to finish, resulting in better customer satisfaction and loyalty overall.”

Abhinav Mohapatra

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