FinalCode upscales enterprise-grade file sharing security solutions

File security startup FinalCode has extended its usability and interoperability features this week with the release of FinalCode v5.11. Its file-centric digital rights management (DRM) platform enables businesses to secure access to and usage of sensitive data in files to be shared within and outside an organization. According to Andrew Kellett, Principal Analyst, IT security at Ovum research, there is a steep rise in incidents of file leakage due to a mix of espionage, hacker activity, user negligence and human error. In addition, compliance regulations with regards to personally identifiable information (PII), financial data and export-controls continue to expand data protection obligations and liabilities. This perpetrates the need and demand for enterprise DRM solutions.
“Older, less agile file security solutions, geared primarily for internal use, are being phased out. Next-generation approaches, which are less cumbersome for IT and recipients and offer greater interoperability, such as FinalCode, are dealing with the need for fluid collaboration while addressing sensitive file exposure, intellectual property (IP) protection, and compliance issues,” Kellett added.

Capabilities of FinalCode 5.11

FinalCode claims that security issues can be largely addressed with its new version 5.11, which extends enterprise-grade file sharing security and management capabilities, such as security templates, single sign-on authentication, dynamic provisioning and more. It’s also certified as per Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS), a U.S. government computer security standard used to accredit cryptographic modules. The new version comes with the following features:
  • Advanced security templates that enable users to quickly add recipients to pre-defined corporate file security policy sets and streamline global template management
  • Single sign-on (SSO) authentication through Windows Active Directory or multi-factor authentication via SAML 2.0 protocol
  • Dynamic provisioning using Windows Active Directory or SAML 2.0 that automatically syncs FinalCode organizational roles, functions and template controls with directory service users and organizational units
  • Integrated Amazon Web Services (AWS) Key Management Service (KMS) support to allow FinalCode SaaS and virtual appliance customers to own and manage master keys through AWS
  • Virtual appliance deployment that now supports Microsoft Hyper-V in addition to VMware ESX
  • Database support for Microsoft SQL and Oracle DB
“File collaboration is a business operating norm, but the diversity and ease of file sharing due to advancements in enterprise, cloud and mobile content management yields added risks. Recent global headlines, such as the exposure of thousands of Microsoft and Adobe files from an Ohio healthcare provider and a major French defense contractor having its submarine technical documents exfiltrated, illustrate the need for layered defenses,” said Scott Gordon, Chief Operating Officer, FinalCode.
“What’s compelling about FinalCode is that we’ve made file-centric digital rights management so easy and cost-effective to use, deploy and scale – offering persistent control in a way that preserves collaboration workflow and infrastructure for both internal and external users. With FinalCode 5.11, the company is well positioned to help organizations mitigate global file data leakage risks.”


FinalCode claims that its services can be implemented as a SaaS or on-premise virtual appliance with packages designed to accommodate small businesses, government agencies and large global enterprises. The FinalCode file security platform is now made generally available with annual subscription pricing starting at $20 (USD) per month. The FinalCode Client, used by external file recipients, is available at no charge and supports Windows, Apple and Android devices.

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